Top 7 Tech Startups from Mozambique You Need to Know About in 2017

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With its white sand beaches and clear blue waters, Mozambique has long been known for its natural beauty and pristine Indian Ocean coastline. And though tourism remains a strong local industry, a handful of local entrepreneurs have recently entered the tech startup arena with innovative products and services aimed at improving the lives of residents.

From music streaming platforms to digital payment platforms, the following are 7 of the top tech startups in Mozambique you need to be aware of in 2017 and beyond.

7. FiberLink Networks


FiberLink Networks provides a wide range of telecommunications solutions and custom implementations. Current projects include the creation of the first open source ultrafast broadband network in Africa connecting learning institutions and healthcare centres, among others.

6. Mozik/GMUSIC


Mozik allows Mozambicans to easily find their favorite local music organised on a single platform. Users can browse/stream (online and offline) their favorite tunes, read entertainment news, and share their favourite content with friends on both Mozik and other social networks. The company recently forged a partnership with African mobile communications giant Vodacom.

5. Champier


Champier is a local IT solutions provider with several innovative product offerings under its belt. For example, its Filedoc solution is a streamlined document and process management system, while Black Box Television allows users to watch any content online without using internet.

4. Compra


Compra is a Mozambican digital marketplace for premium brands and quality products. Using the platform, users can find an array of warranty-backed, high quality products from the top local vendors and distributors.

3. Izyshop


Izyshop brings agricultural buyers and sellers together on its platform and features a range of products, from meat and seafood to hygiene and cleaning products. The company offers free deliveries on all sales that exceed USD$70.

2. MolaPay


MolaPay is a mobile payment platform that enables users to receive money from customers or colleagues, without the need of a bank account. The solution makes it easy to transfer money cross-country and is cheaper than traditional point-of-sale (PoS) systems.

1. OLA Taxi


OLA Taxi helps travellers locate and book local taxis online. The solution is available exclusively for Android devices.

Despite daunting socio-economic hurdles challenging the local populace, these 7 Mozambique tech startups and others are blazing the Southeast African nation’s path to digitization. Be sure to keep them in your sights in 2017 and beyond.



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