15 Outstanding Tech Startups from Ho Chi Minh City You Need to Know in 2017

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Ho Chi Minh City continues to be a hotbed of tech startup activity in 2017—in fact, the city was recently named the world’s second most dynamic city by the World Economic Forum.

The following are our top picks from Ho Chi Minh City for 2017—be sure to keep your eye on these promising 15 tech upstarts from this dynamic and promising city.

15. TravelCa.sh

Source: itunes.apple.com.

TravelCa.sh is a finance app for easily converting currency and calculating foreign exchange rates on-the-fly. The popular app is currently available for free in the App store.

14. VNG

Source: vng.com.vn.

VNG is a digital content development firm specializing in online game, platform, and app development, with prominent game titles such as “Garden in the Cloud” to its credit. The company also provides outsourcing services for some of the most prominent companies in Vietnam.

13. TMA Solutions

Source: tmasolutions.com.

TMA is a IT outsourcing provider with customers across the globe—some of its services include software testing, porting/migration, managed services, and visual design, to name a few.

12. Canavi

Source: canavi.com.

An information platform for job seekers and employers to find the match and support the world of work in Vietnam. This is a trend in Vietnam where everyone with different fields and qualifications can work as freelance-based.

11. Triip.me

Source: triip.me.

Tripp.me’s platform provides travelers all over the world with invaluable resources for creating the perfect experience: trip planning guides, accommodation listings, travel advice, and more.

10. bTaskee

Source: btaskee.com.

bTaskee’s service/app allows users residing in Vietnam’s major cities to locate and hire the best professional home cleaning and maid services by the hour.

9. TicketBox

Source: ticketbox.vn.

TicketBox’s ticketing and event management platform offers the best and latest events via its easy-to-use streamlined platform, from the latest music and cultural festivals to theater and concert performances.

8. Finizz

Source: finizz.com.

Finizz’ solution provides users with medical and beauty industry information and advice regarding service providers and locations—as well as online appointment booking/support services, among others.

7. AhaMove

Source: ahamove.com.

AhaMove’s solution provides on-demand trucking/bike delivery logistics and transport services. The iOS/Android app allows users to order carriers and track shipments directly via their mobile devices.

6. Chudu24

Source: chudu24.com.

Chudu24’s online offering helps travelers book their hotel accommodations conveniently and at the optimal price. The service features the most beautiful destinations in Vietnam, 2,000 domestic hotels, and over 160,000 international hotels across the world.

5. Heart Digital Media (HDM)

Source: hdm.com.vn.

HDM is an IT services provider focusing on WordPress customization/development, photography, web design, social media marketing and search engine optimization, game development, and other digital services. Notable clients include Canon, Heineken, Saigon Bus, and MobiFone, among others.

4. Datdi

Source: datdi.com.

Datdi is a solutions provider and development house focusing on travel and employment-related offerings. Its Datdi.com website provides premier online flight booking services, and its Khachsan.io is similar to Agoda.com—but focused on the Vietnamese market. Additionally, its Viectop.com offering is professional employment platform that connects hiring managers with qualified candidates.

3. GotIt

Source: gotit.vn.

GotIt’s education app helps students with their academic questions and schoolwork—upon logging in, users can post their questions and receive responses from qualified study experts in 10 minutes or less.

2. Niftit

Source: niftit.com.

Niftit is an IT solutions providing offering a range of digital services: enterprise solutions development, web/app development, digital marketing services, and more. The company also offers a suite of products, including its Centreon-based IT monitoring solution.

1. Appota

Source: appota.com.

Appota is a leading mobile platform provider specializing in game development/publishing, online advertising, and digital payment systems. The company boasts over 30 million users and partners with over 15,000 developers, advertisers, and merchants worldwide.

In short, Ho Chi Minh City is a regional tech powerhouse making waves globally—be sure to keep these 15 innovative ventures in your sights in 2017 and beyond.



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