Top 7 Tech Startups from Chad You Need to Know About in 2017

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As Chad continues to modernize its industries and stabilize its overall economy, an emerging startup ecosystem and network of digital entrepreneurs have taken the lead on this front.

Young Chadian professionals in particular have risen up to the challenge of ushering their country into the digital era—here are the top 7 tech startups you need to know about in 2017.

7. Mossosouk


Mossosouk is an online marketplace and the most visited classified ads platform in Chad. The name comes from two words: Mosso or “trade” in the native language mostly spoken in the southern part of Chad—and Souk in Arabic, mostly spoken in the northern part of the country, meaning “Market”. The startup’s name is both a call for Chadians, who have undergone many internal conflicts, to reconcile and work together for a better, brighter future.

6. iVision/RJDLT


iVision is an initiative aimed at nurturing a local network of like-minded, focused tech/creative entrepreneurs, providing them with dedicated coworking space, internet connectivity, product/service training, and more.

5. Botchad


Botchad is an ecommerce offering featuring souvenirs, art, and local designs from Chad. T-shirts, pants, shoes, hats, and more can be ordered directly via its online store.

4. Batis Services


Batis Services’ vision is to provide sustainable, affordable housing options to all Chadians. The firm’s interlocking building blocks were designed to be stacked together without cement, providing an aesthetically pleasing and ecologically-friendly construction alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar.

3. Moringa


The Moringa tree is well-known by most Chadians for its health benefits—its leaves are loaded with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and more. Moringa Tchad packages and sells Moringa-based products via various storefronts and outlets, and has recently begun export its products.

2. Carsuq


Carsuq is Chad’s first automotive classifieds website—users can view and post new/used cars and motorcycles for sale in the country’s major cities. The company also offers a handy mobile app for Android devices.

1. Dawa Mobile Health

Source: Facebook / Dawa Mobile-Health

Dawa Mobile Health has developed a mobile healthcare delivery platform to service remote and underserved communities in Chad—specifically, in the villages of the State of Torrock in the Mayo Kebbi West. The phone and SMS-based solution offers testing facilities and drug delivery service, allowing children suffering from urinary problems to receive treatment without having to travel.

In short, Chad’s entrepreneurial ecosystem—along with its rising oil sector—are key drivers of the country’s recent positive growth indicators. From online automative classifieds to eco-friendly construction materials, these 7 innovators are blazing the path for the country’s emerging tech industry. Be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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