7 Tech Startups from Hsinchu You Need To Know About in 2017

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Hsinchu may not be as well-known as its neighbor Taipei to the east, but the “Silicon Valley of Taiwan” has established itself as the pre-eminent semiconductor producer in Asia, if not the world. The city is also home to a growing number of tech startups offering a myriad of digital products and services.

From creative journaling apps to solar powered smart watches, the following are the top 7 tech startups from Hsinchu you need to know about in 2017.


Source: byappy.com.

bYAPPY is a mobile development studio with several apps under its belt: iCallMe, a free voice messaging app and scheduler/task reminder. Other products include social networking reminder Noty and Honey Alarm.

6. Openmouse Studio

Source: itunes.apple.com.

Openmouse Studio is another mobile app developer with several titles to its name: Loopify, a platform that combines personal journaling with an online community and social network, and DearDays, an app that automatically turns daily moments into a personal journal with insightful infographics.

5. Cardbook 9

Source: Larry Change / Youtube.

CardBook is a digital business card creator and management app—the easy-to-use solution is available for both Android/IOS and the LINE communications app.

4. Flexwave

Source: flexwave.com.tw.

Flexwave develops unique solar products around its “invisible” photovoltaic (PV) module—the offering’s flexibility make it idea for bring solar capabilities to irregular surfaces and shapes. For example, the company’s Ripple solar wristwatch features a slick, edgy design—sans battery.

3. Androbugs Security

Source: androbugs.com.

Androbugs Security provides a variety of consulting services for securing/hardening Android apps. The firm has discovered high profile security issues in Android apps published by Google Android, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, and more.

2. Andes Technology Group

Source: andestech.com.

Andes is a developer/licensor of 32-bit processors, as well as system on chip (SoC) hardware and software platforms for variety of embedded applications. Its AndesCore processors are used in a variety of consumer and enterprise embedded system applications.


Source: bri.com.tw.

EAURA has developed the first personalized biofeedback wearable for predicting migraines and providing relief. The device features electrodes placed on the forehead for recording brainwave activity—the solution’s deep learning systems forecasts migraine occurrences based on 5 minutes of data and provides stimulation to prevent attacks.

In short, Hsinchu’s high tech industry is more than just semiconductors these days—a new breed of startups are delivering innovative digital consumer products and services to a global audience. Be sure to keep these 7 companies on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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