Top 15 Tech Startups from Toronto You Need to Know About in 2017

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Multicultural Toronto’s tech startups are as diverse as the people who live here—in fact, the city’s reputation as a hub of creativity and innovation is fast becoming known across the are the top 15 tech startups from Toronto you need to know about in 2017.

15. MappedIn


Mappedin is an interactive mapping service for indoor spaces such as malls and physical storefronts. The app provides users with directions and helps them locate specific products in-store.

14. Kira Talent


Kira Talent has developed an online interviewing platform for educational institutions that streamlines the admissions process. Students can submit videos along with their applications—additionally, schools can ask questions on the spot to gauge the candidates’ communication/verbal skills.

13. Hubba


Hubba’s platform connects retailers with the manufacturers of the products they carry in-store. The service allows retailers to discover more information about the products they sell while providing suggestions of similar products they might be interested in.

12. Freshbooks


Freshbooks is a cloud-based service that provides small businesses with a new, refined way to keep track of their finances. The app automatically stores transactions and efficiently organizes receipts and invoices.

11. SimplyLaundry


As its name implies, SimplyLaundry is an online laundry service that allows users to get their laundry done without having to set foot in a laundromat. Orders are placed online for a variety of services: regular washing, dry cleaning, alterations, and more. Cleaning jobs are picked up and delivered by the companyTo, door-to-door.

10. Top Hat


Top Hat is a cloud-based educational platform that modernizes the classroom learning experience—instructors run lessons on their mobile devices and monitor students as they follow along. They can also hold tests directly from the app and receive results/responses in real-time.

9. Kik


Kik is a chat app that allows users to interact and connect with friends and family worldwide through one-on-one chat, group chat, or video chats. The offering also provides prominent brands with an effective means to connect with their fanbase.

8. Clearbanc


Clearbanc is a financial services platform designed for freelancers, contractors, and self-employed entrepreneurs—the offering provides users with tools for tracking hours and expenses, as well as cash advance services for freeing up cash flow.

7. VarageSale


VarageSale is a virtual garage sale—the app allows users to buy/sell products from others in their local vicinity. All users are Facebook-verified to ensure the safety and validity of potential transactions.

6. Figure 1


Figure 1 is a social media platform that enables healthcare industry professionals to receive instant feedback and suggestions for establishing a diagnosis. The app allows users to upload their patients’ ailments photos for peer review.

5. League


League is trying to change the world, one healthy employee at a time. The company aims to change the archaic structure of health insurance/benefits by connecting businesses and employees to a variety of health services and wellness programs.

4. Bridgit


Lack of communication is a major issue for construction workers and contractors—Bridgit remedies these issues by streamlining the communication process between workers and management. The platform provides a space where information, instructions, and guidelines can be easily shared between two or more parties.

3. Wattpad


Wattpad is an app that connects readers and writers worldwide—authors post stories and readers can choose which stories/authors to follow. This interactivity puts authors/readers in direct contact and allows readers to ask questions and provide feedback to writers.

2. MagnusCards


MagnusCards is a self-help app created by Magnusmode—the offering helps users with disabilities such as autism and down syndrome manage everyday situations, from ordering food and personal banking to personal care. Users can download card decks series for everyday scenarios accompanied by instructional videos to help with specific tasks.

1. SeamlessMD

Source: has developed an app that assists patients after they have undergone surgical procedures. The offering puts them in regular contact with their doctors, saving them trips to the ER and checkup appointments. Symptoms are tracked on ongoing basis to monitor progress and facilitate recovery.

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Toronto’s tech startup space, so be sure to keep an eye on these Canadian innovators; from apps that transform your online reading and writing experience to groundbreaking solutions for healthcare and medicine, these 15 from The 6 are giving the best and brightest from Silicon Valley a run for its money.



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