13 Tech Startups From Portugal You Need to Know About in 2017

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Portugal is fast becoming known across the world for its innovative tech startup ecosystem and entrepreneurial atmosphere—in fact, its capital city Lisbon is host to the annual Web Summit event, the largest tech conference in the world.

It’s therefore no wonder that the country’s tech startups are some of the best and brightest in the world. Here are 13 that you need to keep your eye on in 2017 and beyond.

13. AddVolt

Source: addvolt.com.

AddVolt’s WeTruck solution uses energy generated by heavy transportation vehicles such as trucks to power connected refrigeration units. The brake energy generated saves up to 87% of diesel costs.

12. FarFetch

Source: farfetch.com.

Farfetch offers the world’ greatest selection of luxury items consolidated on one platform, from Hong Kong to Paris. Vogue España recently called the offering “one of the most comprehensive online platforms of the digital universe as far as fashion and luxury are concerned.” 

11. Landing.jobs

Source: landing.jobs.

Landing.jobs’s tech recruitment platform aims to connect the most qualified tech professionals in a variety of fields with the best opportunities. Some exciting startups using the platform include Typeform, Zalando, TalkDesk, to name a few.

10. Magnifinance

Source: magnifinance.com.

Magnifinance solution is being used by over 800 companies across the world—its financial/treasury management reduces time spent on financial management—purportedly down to 5 minutes a day. The offering features real-time updates, certified invoice generation, and more.

9. Mobiag

Source: mobiag.com.

Mobiag’s solution combines innovative hardware, backend software, and mobile apps for comprehensive fleet and car service management. Additionally, its global network give users access to an aggregate fleet of vehicles form all over the world, creating a expansive bank of available cars.

8. Codacy

Source: codacy.com.

Codacy is a cloud-based developer solution that enables them to perform code reviews faster/less often and merge faster. The offering tracks code quality and checks for style and security deficiencies—as well duplication and complexity issues.

7. Tripaya

Source: tripaya.com.

Tripaya is the world’s first inspirational travel search service—the search engine helps users find the best hotels, flights, and curated destinations based on their unique budget and interests. The company has partnered with established online travel companies such as Skyscanner and Booking.com.

6. Uniplaces

Source: uniplaces.com.

Uniplaces is an online accommodation platform where users—particularly tourists and students from all over the world—can book an apartment or room easily and safely online. The offering features both short-term accomodations and long-term rentals.

5. Zaask

Source: zaask.com.

Zaask’s platform makes it easy to hire the right professionals for any project, from personal chefs and trainers to web developers and plumbers. The solution has already helped thousands of Portuguese professionals increase their business volume.

4. CrowdProcess

Source: james.finance.

CrowdProcess has developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform called James for assessing credit risk. The solution enables hedge funds and banks to predict when fixed income assets will default.

3. Securibox

Source: securibox.eu.

Securibox’s cloud-based fintech solution allow organizations to more effectively aggregate, organize, and analyze documents/data. Its platform and API enable financial institutions to create new innovative services and increase revenues.

2. Sensefinity

Source: sensefinity.com.

Sensefinity is dedicated to helping companies get on board with the Internet of Things (IOT) revolution. Its platform connects user assets to the cloud without the need for programming or hardware knowledge.

1. Feedzai

Source: feedzai.com.

Feedzai’s platform and app uses machine learning paired with human insight and intuition to automatically detect fraudulent business activity. The startup is funded by Citi Ventures, Citigroup’s venture arm.

From advanced machine learning platforms for financial risk assessment to inspirational travel search engines, Portuguese tech startups are working on the bleeding edge of innovation. Be sure to keep these 13 companies on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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