13 Tech Startups from Ghana You Need to Know About in 2017

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Tech startups in Ghana have been springing up at an impressive rate as of late, and things don’t seem to be slowing down in 2017. Local Accra-based organizations such as the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) play a leading role in developing Africa’s most promising startup ecosystems, offering entrepreneurial guidance and training to promising tech innovators in the region.From online payment solution providers to farming crowdfunding platforms, the following are tech startups in Ghana you need to know about in 2017.

13. MeQasa

Source: meqasa.com.

MeQasa is a digital platform for renting and buying/selling property in Ghana. The solution streamlines the listing process, making it easy for individuals, real estate agents, and agencies to post homes and properties for sale.

12. TransGov

Source: transgovgh.org.

TransGov seeks to promote government transparency by leveraging on Ghana’s Open Data Initiative in its digital offering. The solution provides open access to accurate project data and updates, allowing citizens to monitor and track the implementation/progress of developments in their locale(s).

11. Tress

Source: tressapp.co.

Tress’ app features a fun, passionate community of black women from across the world sharing and discovering new hairstyles. The offering also provides information regarding hair products as well as locations of salons/stylists where custom designs can be had.

10. Soronko Solutions

Source: soronkosolutions.com.

Soronko Solutions provides software development services for local businesses and SMEs looking to grow their businesses digitally. The firm advocates science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education initiatives with programs like “Tech Needs Girls”—an initiative to teach girls coding—as well as programs for equipping children in rural Ghana with critical thinking skills to fight poverty.

9. Express Pay

Source: expresspaygh.com.

Widely regarded as the ultimate e-commerce enabler in Ghana, Express Pay has developed a payment gateway solution that brings various payment options under one umbrella—including mobile money. Its Bank Direct service allows users to send money instantly to any bank account.

8. Developers in Vogue

Source: developersinvogue.org.

As a way to promote underrepresented groups in STEM, Developers in Vogue focuses on helping women create solutions for achieving sustainable development goals. The firm organizes boot camps for women interested in learning technology, offering courses in web/mobile app development, data science, and more.

7. Store Foundry

Source: storefoundry.com.

Store Foundry’s e-commerce platform enables business owners to reach more prospective buyers and take full control of their product offerings. Users can sign up, create an attractive virtual storefront, and customize the shopping experience for free—without having to worry about how their products are shipped/delivered.

6. Brooder Co.

Source: brooderafrica.com.

Brooder Co. focuses on developing creative and innovative on-demand tech solutions. The company specializes in web and mobile app creation as well as enterprise software development.

5.  Ventsell

Source: ventsell.com.

Ventsell has developed a crowdfunding and e-ticketing platform for creative projects and events, coupled with a dynamic online community of innovators, talent, and startups. The solution has already raised funds for a myriad of young entrepreneurs, innovators, talents, NGOs, and charitable organisations/causes.

4. Farmable

Source: farmable.me.

Farmable aims to raise awareness around pressing issues facing smallholder cattle farmers in Ghana—its crowdfunding platform helps them achieve independence through collaborative farming, or “crowdfarming.” Some of the company’s goals over the next few years include partnering with 250 smallholder farmers, increasing farmer herd size and average profits by up to 25% and 10% respectively, and crowdfarming over 7,500 cattle from smallholder farmers on Farmable’s community food projects (CFP), among others.

3. Trotro Tractor

Source: trotrotractor.com.

Trotro Tractor utilises the internet of things (IOT) and specialized software to connect farmers and tractor operators on a single platform. The solution allows tractor owners to monitor machine movement and the work progress of their equipment. Farmers can use the platform to request, schedule, and prepay for tractor service in real-time.

2. Hubtel

Source: hubtel.com.

Hubtel’s integrated point-of-sale (PoS) solution allows store owners to easily accept credit card payments. The free mobile app offering works immediately with any given smartphone or tablet; a specialized card reader, retail stand, printer, cash register, and entire PoS hub are also available for advanced use cases.

1. Kudobuzz

Source: kudobuzz.com.

Kudobuzz has developed a powerful software widget that integrates into e-commerce websites. The solution enables marketers to collect and publish social, website, and other custom review types; driven by a proprietary algorithm, the widget filters through comments to make websites more customer-centric and SEO-friendly.

Ghana’s tech startups have gained widespread recognition in Africa, and are poised to make waves in the global tech startup arena. Be sure to keep these 13 innovators on your radar in 2017and beyond.



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