Top 11 Tech Startups from Akron you Need to Know About in 2017

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Akron is no stranger to innovation—once the fastest growing city in the U.S., the birthplace of globally-recognized brands such as Firestone and Goodyear was—at its height—a pillar of American manufacturing. Now, a community of local tech startups are looking to put the region back on the map when it comes to entrepreneurship and technological ingenuity.From forward-thinking design engineering firms to free babysitting apps, here are 11 tech startups from Akron you need to know about in 2017 and beyond.

11. AutoDock / Exponential Design (ExDe)


Exponential Design (ExDe)’s AutoDock device robotically connects smartphones to their charging cords. The solution is faster and more powerful than wireless charging pads and doesn’t require specialized connectors to work.

10. Skinny Table


Skinny Table was designed for people trying to eat healthy and/or manage their weight. The offering displays healthy dining options and menus based on the user’s preferred locale and other search criteria.

9. Jaswig


Jaswig is a design engineering startup that leverages digital design files and automation technologies to allow its products to be manufactured anywhere. Its first product is a wooden, height-adjustable standing desk for both children and adults.

8. Elevated Media


Elevated Media is an advertising technology and digital marketing company specializing in SEO/SEM, email marketing, PPC programs, and other business solutions for online advertising/marketing. The company features its own online brands such as its SearchAll meta-search engine and Symptom Care personal health guide, among others.

7. iMods


iMods offers a safe, smart way to customize the software of iOS devices. The solution uses a software ecosystem that allow users and developers to find, install, update, and manage apps according to their needs.

6. Agency Inn


Agency Inn has developed a platform for finding and hiring the right agency for a myriad of services—branding, content development, marketing research, public relations, and more. The search engine also features reviews and feedback from its community of marketing influencers.

5. TinyCircuits


As its name implies, TinyCircuits designs/manufactures micro-sized open source electronics. Its popular TinyDuino offering is an Arduino clone that boasts a form factor the size of a quarter.

4. Social Technologies


Social Technologies helps users create and maintain connections with the truly important people in their lives. The solution offers a variety of social tools—scheduling, photo sharing, note-taking, and more—for staying in communication no matter what the circumstances.

3. TPA Stream


TPA Stream’s platform aims to improve efficiency and ease-of-use in insurance claim submissions and processing. The cloud-based offering eliminates manual submissions, thereby allowing administrators to streamline account information from policyholders.

2. Wastebits


Wastebits is a waste profiling solution designed to connect waste facilities, service providers, and waste generators on one platform. Waste generators can use the search functionality to find appropriate waste facilities near them—or alternatively, browse waste facilities by state.

1. Komae


Komae’s app allows users to exchange free babysitting services with people they know and trust: friends, family, neighbors, and more. The point-based payment system allows users to save money while at the same time joining/supporting a trusted ecosystem and community of caregivers.

These 11 Akron-based tech startups are just a few of the many innovative ventures that call this amazing American city home. Be sure to keep them in your sights in 2017 and beyond.



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