7 Protective Add-ons Needed to Keep Your Drone Safe in the Skies

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Whether you’re new to the world of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or an experienced pilot, taking the proper security measures and safety precautions are just as important as the choosing the right drone. Luckily, protecting your investment these days is a matter choosing the right accessories to mitigate damage in the event of an operating failure.

Safeguarding your drone will ultimately save you from exorbitant repair costs when accidents occur. The following are 7 protective add-ons for keeping your drone safe in the skies.

1. Mars 58 Parachute System

Source: marsparachutes.com.

The Mars 58 parachute is an indispensable addition to your drone—in-flight operating failures will merely result in your UAV floating to safety, as opposed to sustaining critical damage from impact. The solution features durable carbon fiber parts, a new polycarbonate tube, and an upgraded base—as well as a 58” parachute wrapped tightly in a 2.25” cylinder diameter, deployed by a high energy compression spring with a Hitec Micro HS-82mg servo.

2. Mayday Auto Deploy Board

Source: maydayboards.com.

The Mayday can be deployed on its own without any connections to a flight controller. Connect the parachute release servo to the Mayday board, install a small battery, and you’re drone is set. The unit can also be connected to a flight controller for an extra level of control during flights.

3. Mars 58 Inspire 1 Mount Kit

Source: maydayboards.com/product/mars-58-inspire-mount/.

The Mars 58 Inspire 1 Mount Kit—coupled with the Mars 58 parachute system—help to prevent damage due to in-air mechanical failures. The pair were designed specifically for the DJI Inspire 1 UAV, though other manufacturers are also supported. The easy-to-install unit includes all the hardware necessary for installation and features a compact, minimalistic design for streamlined aerodynamics, as well as a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

4. LED Light Kit Strip

Source: helipal.com/airy-led-light-strap-yellow-5-meter.html.

For night flyers, proper lighting is a must; LED light kit strips not only enhance the look of your drone, but allow for visible tracking of your drone in the dark. Kits typically contain at least one light ring, two adapter plugs, and strips of 3M tape for adhering to your drone.

5. Waterproof Carrying Case

Source: redbackaviation.com.

The proper carrying case is crucial for safely transporting your investment between flights, especially since  adverse/extreme weather conditions can do damage the outer layer of your drone. A variety of airtight, waterproof hard cases are readily available for protecting your drone and its components from rough handling and the natural elements.

6. Propeller Guards

Source: store.dji.com.

Propeller guards are an inexpensive way to save your drone’s rotors from damage in the event of accidental contact. They provide optimal protection in the event of side landings, help to deflect your drone after collisions, and enhance visibility from a distance.

7.  Mars 120 V2 Carbon Finder Parachute System

Source: northuav.com/product-page/mars-120-v2.

Like the Mars 58, the Mars 120 will float your drone safely to the ground in the event of a mechanical failure. This advanced, lightweight carbon fiber parachute system is specifically designed for larger aircraft weighing up to 25 lbs. Notable features include a 120” parachute and in-built canister for rapid deployment.

Drone piloting is an exhilarating experience that doesn’t have to succumb to unforeseen eventualities; these 7 indispensable add-ons will ensure that your device will be ready to handle anything that comes at it, allowing you to relish every moment of flight time.



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