Top 13 Tech Startups from Lima You Need to Know About in 2017

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You’d be mistaken to think that Lima is behind the times when it comes to the latest computing and technological advances. Supported by the country’s stable economic growth over the past few years, Peru’s capital city is celebrating a new generation of young entrepreneurs with a firm grasp on the current demands of the modern age.And with the help of accelerators like Telefónica’s Wayra, these promising upstarts are focusing their efforts on building digital offerings for both local and international users. Here are 13 of the best you should know about in 2017.

13. Bar App


Much like the now commonplace food delivery app, Bar App offers liquor delivery service with a 30-minute delivery guarantee. The offering was designed to help formalize the alcohol business in the city, in partnership with official liquor stores. Once a user places an order, the app forwards the information to the store and the delivery process begins. The solution was created in part to prevent people from venturing out in the middle of the night to buy alcohol, thereby reducing the chance of traffic accidents and other mishaps.

12. Artiplace


Artiplace is a live music hiring solution that allows independent musicians and music professionals to offer their services. Users can use the platform to search for a variety of performers and services, from mariachis and orchestras to DJs and soloists/intrumentalists.

11. Come


One of Peru’s main attractions is its world-renowned cuisine, leading to a rise in global demand for local culinary tours in the last few years. In turn, many Peruvian young professionals have chosen to take on cooking as a career. Come connects tourists traveling to Lima for a culinary experience with students and graduates looking to share their gastronomical creations with others. A public rating system allows both guests and chefs to rate their experiences for other users to take into account.


XCOOLY’s collaborative mathematics micro-tutoring platform provides a cost-effective way for students/parents to connect with tutors across Latin America (LATAM). The solution pools two or more students with similar learning needs with an online tutor via a virtual whiteboard and learning environment.

9. Gento


Gento is a fashion e-commerce with a twist: the platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to adjust to each individuals’ unique style based on their browsing habits and purchases. Users can even upload a full body picture for an even deeper customized shopping experience.

8. Fitadvisor


Fitadvisor is a fitness app that connects users or “Fitters” with “Fitpartners”—health professionals on standby ready to assess and provide fitness and healthy living advice/guidance, whether it be the ideal exercise routine or nutrition tips. The solution offers a public rating system for users to gauge service quality and leave feedback.

7. BusPortal


In most of LATAM, buses are still the predominant means of long distance transportation. BusPortal’s platform allows travelers to find and compare prices for bus tickets for a variety of destinations inside of Peru, as well as a few in neighboring countries like Argentina.

6. Karaoke Smart


As its name implies, Karaoke Smart provides users with karaoke titles from a voluminous music library encompassing all genres. The platform can be used via smartphone or connected to standard TVs for an authentic karaoke bar experience from the comfort of your own home.

5. Parkner


Parkner is like Airbnb, but for parking spaces—the solution allows users to locate and reserve monthly parking spaces in their city based on crowdsourced vacancies. Tenants get a safe place to park their car while providers get a passive source of income from their otherwise unused spaces.

4. Movivan


Movivan is a carpooling platform focused on bringing together commuters that live or work in close proximity to each other. The solution costs 50% less than Uber Pool and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

3. Culqi


Culqi’s app enables businesses to easily accept credit or debit card payments from customers. The solution saves buyer information for streamlined processing of future orders, and is free of a monthly charge—with only a small commission fee deducted when payments are made.

2. Zishing


Annual losses from illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing exceeded $20 billion last year—with over 2.5 million fishing vessels engaged in such activities and an estimated 18 million tons of illegallyZishing’s solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) to combat IUU fishing by using historical data of marine routes, open data of fish currents, life cycles/natural phenomena, as well as different monitoring systems integrated through an API.

1. Neural VR


Neural VR’s solution consists of a set of immersive exercises for use by medical professionals to treat and rehabilitate patients suffering from various neurological ailments and conditions: Alzheimer’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and myopathies, to name a few. The solution enables rehabilitation and enforces treatment adherence through fun, immersive VR games.

Peruvians are known for their work ethic, creativity, and drive to get ahead in life; the aforementioned 13 Lima-based tech startups embody these ideals in digital offerings that are spurring the nation’s digital and technological progress. Be sure to keep an eye on them in 2017 and beyond.



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