11 Tech Startups from Bangladesh You Need to Know About in 2017

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With a population of 164 million—65 million of which are active internet users—Bangladesh is poised to become a major economic focal point of Asia. And as the 8th biggest nation on the planet, the country’s consumer population is already one of the world’s largest.The tech startup scene in Bangladesh is responding to this huge consumer demand for digital products and services with innovative offerings created by youthful visionaries Initiatives such as the GP Accelerator—developed by telecom firm Grameenphone and SD Asia—ensure that local entrepreneurs receive the appropriate support for bringing their innovations to market. The following are 11 tech startups from Bangladesh you need to know about in 2017.

11. Shajgoj

Source: shajgoj.com.

Dubbed “the world’s largest Bengali beauty portal,” Shajgoj is a web portal catering to Bengali-speaking woman across the globe. The online resource is currently being used by millions of users around the world—boasting over 2 million monthly page views and over 600,000 Facebook followers.

10. Repto

Source: repto.co.

Repto is an elearning platform that features a variety of courses and training materials in the Bangla language. Popular topics include entrepreneurship, Android mobile app development, graphic design, among others.

9. Techtunes

Source: techtunes.com.bd.

Techtunes is Bangladesh’s largest and most popular technology-oriented social network, as well as the first complete unicode-based Bangla technology blogging platform. The platform already boasts over 40 million users worldwide.

8. Hello Laundry

Source: hellolaundry.com.bd.

Hello Laundry is an online laundry service that leverages the web and mobile devices to bring premium washing and drying services to users’ doorsteps. The offering includes free pick up and delivery.

7. Proshiddho

Source: proshiddho.com.

Sweetmeats—or Bengali confectioneries—are a staple part of local cuisine. Proshiddho is an online retailer that features the best of sweetmeats available for online purchase. The company even offers an Android app for purchasing favorites for direct-to-doorstep delivery with a few taps/swipes.

6. Paywell

Source: paywellonline.com.

Developed by Cloudwell Limited, Paywell is a payment services provider that caters to local firms in industries such as utilities, telecom, healthcare, financial services, transportation, retail, and e-commerce, among others. The company has partnered with local telecom firms such as Grameen Phone, Banglalink, Airtel, and Teletalk.

5. Potaka

Source: potaka.io.

Potaka is a programming language designed for Bangla-speaking learners—the language syntax is designed to allow local coders to learn more effectively through meaningful native sentences.  The sentence-based constructs make it easier for kids and beginners to learn programming.

4. Direct Fresh

Source: directfreshbd.com.

Direct Fresh is a premium online grocery store that offers a variety of goods for home delivery—from meats and fish to dairy and deli products. Purchases made via the website are delivered within 24 hours.

3. thezboy

Source: thezboy.com.

thezboy is a bot service that works seamlessly with Facebook’s messenger and commenting system. The offering allows firms to easily create an automated chatbot for communicating with end users and businesses.

2. Pathao

Source: pathao.com.

Like Indonesia’s logistics giant Go-Jek, Pathao focuses on transporting goods and people with two-wheeled vehicles. Users request a driver via the app and get picked up/dropped off for a fixed price. The startup also delivers over a thousand packages a day.

1. GO Fetch!

Source: fetch.gobd.co.

GO! FETCH has developed a logistics platform for bridging the last mile between businesses, retailers, and customers. The company specializes in product pickup, warehousing, product delivery, cash pick-up/delivery, and real-time tracking and support.

Bangladesh’s tech startups are on the rise, supported by local incubators and investors eager to tap into the vast market opportunities of the region. Be sure to keep these 11 tech startups on your radar as the blaze the path for the Bengali up-and-coming entrepreneurs.



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