11 Data Analytics and Big Data Startups from Seattle You Should Know in 2017

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With tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and even Google now nearby, it’s no wonder that the greater Seattle area is home to myriad of big data and data analytics startup innovators. In fact, the region has been described by many as the epicenter of big data.From social media measurement and analytics to cognitive predictive maintenance and analytics for IoT devices, here are fifteen data analytics and big data startups from Seattle you should keep your eye on.

11. KenSci

Source: kensci.com.

KenSci is helping fight death with data science—its risk management platform for healthcare helps to predict who might get sick and how, as well as the most effective ways to care for them. The solution uses big data and machine learning to improve medical treatments and patient outcomes.

10. Shareablee

Source: shareablee.com.

Shareablee has developed a social media measurement and analytics platform for competitive benchmarking and garnering audience insights. Currently, over 200 brands, publishers, and agencies use the solution to drive social ROI.

9. DefinedCrowd

Source: definedcrowd.com.

DefinedCrowd’s platform combines crowdsourcing and machine learning to provide big data services for speech and NLP use cases. The solution ensures the optimal results by processing data with a human-in-the-loop system combined with machine learning tools.

8. Versium

Source: versium.com.

Versium’s platform places the power of machine learning and predictive targeting directly into the hands of marketers. The innovative technology eliminates the need of working with data scientists or manually manipulating internal data aggregation efforts.

7. Datometry

Source: datometry.com.

Datometry’s solution helps accelerate cloud database adoption by enabling the deployment of native apps, without the need for rewriting/redesigning or re-platforming. The company has received many citations, including the 2015 Global Innovation Award and CIOReview’s Top 20 Most Promising Virtualization Technology.


Source: inrix.com.

INRIX is working to address problems in some of the worst traffic areas in the United States with big data and predictive analytic. The company merges information gathered from parking management, vehicle connectivity, city planning, and traffic flow optimization systems to create smoother and safer road travel conditions.

5. Payscale

Source: payscale.com

Payscale uses data analytics to help you determine where on the map to begin the next leg of your career. The company connects individuals and businesses to its voluminous salary profile database—the largest of its kind in the world.

4. DS-IQ

Source: ds-iq.com.

DS-IQ’s Marketing System is a multichannel campaign management platform that combines automation and machine learning to engage/convert shoppers with in-the-moment context. The solution adds a dynamic shopper intelligence layer to retail digital advertising systems for improving media efficiency, campaign effectiveness, and shopper relevance.

3. DataRPM

Source: datarpm.com.

DataRPM’s cognitive predictive maintenance and analytics platform helps to prevent failures and breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs, and minimize risks for the industrial internet of things (IoT)—namely, IoT in the manufacturing, automotive, transportation, and energy industries. The solution is being used by Cisco, Jaguar, Orange, and the USDA, to name a few.

2. ScaleGrid

Source: scalegrid.io.

ScaleGrid offers an easy way to create and manage MongoDB and Redis clusters—primarily through its enterprise-grade DbaaS (Database-as-a-Service) hosting services and management tools. The company offers a free 30-day evaluation of its platform.

1. Pymetrics

Source: pymetrics.com.

Pymetrics allows candidates to assess their unique cognitive/emotional traits and ideal career(s) based by playing games based on decades of neuroscience research. The job recruitment and internal mobility platform more accurately and effectively matches candidates with compatible careers.

These are just a few of the outstanding Seattle-based tech startups in the business of big data—be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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