11 Tech Startups from Lyon You Need to Know About in 2017

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With innovative programs like La French Tech for locals and the French Tech Ticket program for foreigners, France’s startup environment has been buzzing with activity as of late. This has been the case in both Paris as well as nearby metropolises like Lyon.

Lyon has already made a name for itself in the banking, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries; these days, it also hosts a vibrant, world-class startup ecosystem. The following are 11 local tech startups you need to know about in 2017 and beyond.

11. Skoveo

Source: skoveo.fr.

Skoveo’s platform helps customers—mostly users in the public sector—identify/achieve development goals for a particular city or territory. Various municipalities and villages such as Roanne and Grasse are using the solution, among others.

10. Mr. Gustave

Source: mrgustave.com.

Mr. Gustave is a mobile and web app that acts like a virtual butler: users can make an order for delivery from any boutique or restaurant in Lyon, Paris, or Villeurbanne. Orders are fulfilled in 60 mins or less.

9. iEx.ec

Source: iex.ec.

iEx.ec is developing the first Blockchain-based, fully distributed cloud computing platform. The service relies on the Ethereum blockchain to organize a global P2P market for renting computing resources and applications.

8. KNG Esport

Source: kng-esport.com.

eSports are all the rage, and KNG Esport is tapping into the craze with its hybrid digital and brick-and-mortar offering: these Lyonnaise entrepreneurs have designed a space for streamers and e-sports enthusiasts to compete, alongside a bar/restaurant space for decompressing. The space features private gaming booths and the latest gear and equipment.

7. MyGardenMap

Source facebook.com/mygardenmap.

MyGardenMap offers gardening and horticulture enthusiasts a collaborative encyclopedia of plants and flowers. The resource offers guidance around the best organic agriculture practices, planting tips and techniques, as well as a satellite map-based gardening feature.

6. Fundy

Source: fundy.fr.

Fundy’s online boutique features successfully crowdfunded offerings from France. The company selects, tests, and sells the products via its website as well as pop-up stores throughout France and the world. To date, the collection offers over 250 innovative products from 32 startups.

5. Ma Petite Etagere (MPA)

Source: mapetiteetagere.fr.

Children and infants are born to outgrow their clothes; Ma Petite Etagere makes the inevitable more sustainable and cost-effective with its online store dedicated to fashion for young children. Users can subscribe to exchange and receive designer children’s clothing.

4. Driftr

Source: driftr-app.com.

The life of a “vandweller” is simple: find a comfortable vehicle, modify it to sustain basic activities like cooking and sleeping, and relocate continuously with a heightened sense of independence. Driftr connects people living this unique lifestyle with its social networking app.

3. Urbee

Source: urbee.fr.

Urbee’s app presents users with a GPS-enabled map with real-time updates about the surroundings that may be relevant to their lives. The offering current works throughout France, with more locations to come.

2. Optimusgarden

Source: optimusgarden.com.

Optimusgarden has developed an indoor/outdoor modular vertical garden that can be mounted into walls. The solution consists of a hydroponic growing appliance and useful growing app for helping users get the most out of the system.

1. Lili Smart

Source: lilismart.com.

Lili Smart’s offering was designed to provide Alzheimer’s caregivers and family members with piece of mind while empowering patients with a safe, autonomous lifestyle. The all-in-one solution consists of a family/carer app, a mobile GSM watch to be worn by the patient, and smart sensors placed around the living areas.

With these companies comprising only the tip of the iceberg of Lyon’s startups, it is no wonder that the city is fast becoming one of the best places to launch a tech venture in Europe. Be sure to keep these 11 innovators on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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