Top 15 Tech Startups From Senegal You Need To Know About In 2017

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Senegal’s tech startups have been receiving widespread accolades lately—from acceptance into local competitions such as Seedstars Daka to recognition in global acceleration programmes like BigBooster. Completion of the Diamniadio Technology Park—a $120 million digital technology park funded by Senegal’s government and the African Development Bank (AfDB)—will further cement the West African nations place in the global tech startup arena.

However, Senegal’s tech startups are not resting on their laurels when it comes to innovative advances—here 15 of the country’s best and brightest tech startups you need to know about in 2017.

15. VoLo


VoLo has developed VTIP: a digital health platform that helps users find cost-effective healthcare in Africa. The offering features a wide array of services, from laboratory analysis services and drugstores to doctors and clinics.

14. Wutiko


Wutiko is a online recruitment platform that connects qualified candidates with the best opportunities. Users can access the solution to search for jobs and peruse the business/company directory for the ideal fit.

13. PayDunya


PayDunya has developed a payment system that allows Africans to send and receive money worldwide. The solution also enables retailers to easily accept debit/credit cards online, as well as cash-on-delivery (COD) and social network-based payments.

12. Kalanda-App


Kalanda develops digital and mobile solutions that address reproduction and sexuality health-related issues for women living across the sub-Saharan Africa region. The company’s SMS service alerts women on specific dates relevant to their menstrual cycles (e.g., ovulation, periods).

11. CoinAfrique


CoinAfrique is a peer-to-peer classifieds network for French-speaking African nations. The app currently boasts the best local deals across 17 countries and 34,000 offers.

10. JokkoSanté


JokkoSante aims to provide broader access to medicine through 3 mechanisms: crowdsharing, cross-financing, and a point exchange system. The web/mobile app allows users to exchange unused drugs for points to purchase new medication.

9. Weebi


Weebi has developed a debit tracking application and hardware solution for shopkeepers to transact with their customers. The solution consists of a 3G dual-SIM tablet with an embedded application, an anti-theft stand, and mini printer.

8. JokkoText


JokkoText’s online music portal allows users to find their favorite albums and singles while helping musicians in Senegal market their songs. Music can previewed online and purchased via mobile phone/SMS. 

7. Unajua


Unajua’s app allows users to receive information regarding products and services based on their interests. The solution also features crowdsourced opinions and feedback for advertisers/retailers.

6. Seni Apps


Seni Apps is a developer of custom web and iOS/Android-based mobile apps. The company’s SakanalApp is a popular solution for local craftsmen in Senegal and the Diaspora of West Africa to monitor and control their electricity usage.

5. Sharek


Sharek has developed an iOS/Android/Windows mobile phone app for transferring any type of file. The tool is purportedly 200 times faster than Bluetooth and works without wifi or an underlying internet connection.

4. Jetted


Jetted’s platform allows travelers book empty seats on charter and small commercial carriers to Africa’s leading business destinations. The offering makes intra-Africa flights more cost-effective and less time-consuming by eliminating multi-layover flights.

3. Wonepi


Wonepi is a real-time country-to-country Q&A app for finding information related to the users’ topics of interest. The app is available exclusively for Android-based smartphones and devices.

2. Karangue


Karangue’s mobile app sends voice and SMS alert reminders for upcoming medical appointments, immunization recalls, and pre/post-natal visits to reduce maternal and infant mortality. The service uses the voices of the country’s most prominent icons (e.g., Youssou Ndour, Baaba Maal, El Hadji Ndiaye) to deliver messages and updates.



INTOUCH is a fintech startup focusing on mobile payments and digital services aggregation. The company was one of the top 10 finalists in the international Big Booster acceleration programme.

In short, these 15 startups are just a few of the digital ventures that are putting Senegal on the world map when it comes to tech innovation. Be sure to keep them in your sights in 2017 and beyond.



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