15 Patriotic American Tech Startups You Should Know About This July Fourth

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The 4th of July in the U.S. is about a lot more than outdoor festivities, barbeques, and of course fireworks—the holiday is a reminder of the country’s resilient innovation, both politically and technologically, even in trying and divisive times.

From blockchain companies developing more secure voting systems to apps for preventing drunk driving, the following are 15 patriotic tech startups from America you need to know about this 4th of July.

15. Brigade

Source: brigade.com.

Brigade has developed the world’s first network for voters to boost citizen power and spur democratic engagement. The company was co-founded by Sean Parker and funded by high profile investors like Marc Benioff and Ron Conway.

14. Star ALE

Source: star-ale.com.

If Star-ALE has its way, traditional 4th of July fireworks will be a thing of the past. The company is developing an advanced system called Sky Canvas that involves microsatellites in space carrying 500-1,000 pellets that ignite and glow upon re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. The company plans to create a man-made meteor shower over Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics opening ceremonies, visible for over 120 miles across Japan.

13. Signal

Source: whispersystems.org.

Sometimes freedom of speech needs a little help from technology. Endorsed by famous whistleblower and privacy advocate Edward Snowden, Signal’s encrypted chat app for the iPhone and iOS ensure that all your communications are encrypted end-to-end.

12. Follow My Vote

Source: followmyvote.com.

Follow My Vote’s goal is to develop a secure online voting platform that will allow for greater election transparency. Its solution consists of open source, end-to-end verifiable blockchain voting software for use in government-sponsored elections across the world.

11. Goldbely

Source: goldbely.com.

4th of July wouldn’t be right without BBQ, and Goldbely features an extensive selection for direct delivery to your doorstep. The company features artisans that produce some of the country’s most creative and delicious foods.

10. BookedOut

Source: bookedout.com.

Brands often use Independence Day as an occasion to publicly promote their products and services—and more often, they need some extra help in doing so. BookedOut connects event planners with on-demand talent, from emcees and guerrilla marketers to non-standard positions.

9. Vote.org

Source: vote.org.

Previously known as Long Distance Voter, Vote.org’s goal is to help Americans register to vote, check their registration status, and get their absentee ballots using easy-to-use technology. Newsweek recently named its mobile offering a #1 up-and-coming app.

8. Drizly

Source: drizly.com.

What Independence Day without beer? Drizly allows users to order beer, wine, and alcohol via its mobile app and get it delivered from local liquor stores within an hour. The company’s goal is to offer the largest online catalog of alcohol available for delivery in the country.

7. PartySlate

Source: partyslate.com.

If you’re organization is planning a more elaborate Independence Day bash, PartySlate may have your bases covered. The startup helps users find the inspiration for planning the perfect event—4th of July bash, wedding, fundraiser, corporate event, or birthday—and the pros to make it meaningful and memorable.

6. Saucey

Source: saucey.com.

If you’re a wine-loving 4th of July partygoer, Saucey will deliver your favorite bottle to your door in 30 minutes or less. The iOS/Android mobile app features overs 10,000 products, from craft beer to wine and spirits.


Source: stearclear.com.

Having one too many this Independence Day no longer means leaving your car stranded in a strange parking lot—STEARCLEAR offers a unique pickup service that transports people to/from various destinations in their own vehicle. The startup has been featured in publications such as TechCrunch and Entrepreneur, to name a few.

4. Voter

Source: voter.xyz.

Voter’s mobile app matches users with political candidates that most closely align with their position on political issues—it’s like matchmaking for politics. The offering is available for both iOS and Android devices.

3. Gesture

Source: gesture.com.

Independence Day is a popular occasion for running charity auctions and promoting good causes—Gesture’s app makes it easy to do this, even between social events and performances. The solution enables organizers to run silent auctions that allow donors to give at their convenience.

2. Hustle

Source: hustle.com.

According to Hustle, personalized, one-to-one text messaging is 66x faster than phone calls and has 3x the response rate of emails. The company has developed a grassroots activism text message management tool used by prominent organizations such as Bernie Sander’s 2016 Campaign, Planned Parenthood, and Amherst College.

1. Blockchain Technologies Corporation (BTC)

Source: blockchaintechcorp.com.

Voter fraud is arguably the greatest direct threat to today’s modern democratic systems across the world—for many tech thought leaders, blockchain is the best solution to this problem. BTC’s goal is to replace current, flawed voting machines with a secure, open-source blockchain-based solution.

Be sure to keep these 15 patriotic startups from the U.S. in your sights in 2017 and beyond—and have a safe Independence Day holiday!



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