13 Tech Startups from São Paulo You Need to Know About in 2017

by Carlos Eduardo Dall'Acqua Freitas 12,903 views0

With the biggest GDP of all federative units in Brazil, São Paulo is arguably the hottest region for technology investments in the country; in fact, the city was named Latin America’s best option for startups by the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking, and the world’s 12th in the same category globally.

São Paulo has around 20 million inhabitants in its metropolitan region, a population highly connected to the internet and passionate about new technologies. The following are 13 of the city’s best and brightest tech startups for 2017.

13. Quinto Andar

Source: quintoandar.com.br.

QuintoAndar is focused on simplifying real estate rental with its signature iOS app—the offering eliminates small bureaucracies and facilitates contact between service providers and users, ensuring an optimal experience for both parties.

12. GetNinjas

Source: getninjas.com.br.

With the GetNinjas app, professionals can advertise a variety of services ranging from buffet to web design. Users specify a task and are directed to 7 professionals; candidates can then be selected by rating or rate/price.

11. GuiaBolso

Source: guiabolso.com.br.

With over 2.5 million users and counting, GuiaBolso’s personal financial management platform has made a positive impact on the financial lives of a vast number of Brazilians. The app allows users to integrate different bank accounts, with connectivity to all major banking and credit institutions in Brazil.

10. CUCOhealth

Source: cucohealth.com.

CUCOhealth is like a personal, full-time digital nurse—the solution provides targeted content to educate patients about their chronic conditions, alerts reminding them of important health commitments (e.g., appointments, scheduled medications), and more.

9. Nubank

Source: nubank.com.br.

Nubank provides a MasterCard credit card free from monthly fees and annual tariffs—it accomplishes this by providing digital-only support channels, eliminating most physical infrastructure related costs. Users can track their spending in real-time with detailed, geographical information regarding their purchases.

8. VaiVolta

Source: vaivolta.com.br.

VaiVolta’s online platform makes the process of leasing equipment for civil construction and mining simpler, faster, and safer. Users can request quotes from hundreds of suppliers and select the best fit for the job.

7. 99jobs

Source: 99jobs.com.

99Jobs is a career portal that allows users to receive job opportunities and job suggestions based on their unique personalities. The platform is being used by prominent brands such as Microsoft, Ferrero, and InfoPrice, to name a few.

6. Jeitto

Source: jeitto.com.br.

Jeitto’s unique offering enables Brazil’s low-income population to pay their bills—recurring small expenses such as electric, water, gas and mobile phone services—through small, short-term credit/loans. Loans charge a fixed rate and offer up to $ 150.

5. QueroQuitar!

Source: queroquitar.com.br.

QueroQuitar! is a credit renegotiation platform aimed at allowing users to achieve more attractive rates. The solution circumvents the banks’ own negotiation channels, allowing the debtor to make the negotiation proposal and thereby increasing recovery rates.

4. SmartMEI

Source: smartmei.com.br.

SmartMEI’s app helps micro-entrepreneurs more easily deal with the bureaucratic aspects of running a business. The solution offers a business management, accounting, and collection tools for entrepreneurs, all under one interface.

3. Prosas

Source: prosas.com.br.

Prosas’ online social engagement platform connects sponsors, employees, and citizens to the social projects they care about the most. The solution is being used by brands like BASF, Nissan, and Gerdau, to name a few.

2. Sympla

Source: sympla.com.br.

Sympla has developed a comprehensive platform for ticket sales and event management. The company boasts the largest number of events available for sale in Brazil, from parties and shows to sporting events and courses/workshops.

1. Dr. Consulta

Source: drconsulta.com.

Dr. Consulta offers affordable medical appointments and consultations with specialists in over 40 categories. The app lets users view service pricing in real-time and search by specialty/availability.

With an outstanding number of young tech companies, an expansive consumer base, and a vibrant startup ecosystem, South America’s largest city is hard to beat when it comes to digital innovation. Be sure to keep these 13 startups from São Paulo on your radar in the months and years to come.



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