11 Tech Startups from Las Vegas You Need to Know About in 2017

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Las Vegas is becoming known for much more than its longstanding reputation as the entertainment capital of the world. An emerging tech startup ecosystem is bringing new life to the city’s hotel and gaming-centric economy, and many local entrepreneurs creating digital products/services that rival the best and brightest from Silicon Valley.

The following are 11 tech startups from Las Vegas that you need to know about in 2017 and beyond.

11. Gabuduck

Source: gabuduck.com.

Gabuduck develops interactive apps for kids that combine music and creativity—not to mention performances from artists like Lisa Loeb. Its apps are available exclusively for iOS devices.

10. MentalHappy

Source: mentalhappy.com.

Generic sympathy cards and flowers fade away quickly; CheerBox’s offering was designed to make a lasting impression. Orders are customized online per recipient to ensure that your friends, family/loved ones, or co-workers are receiving a box as unique as they are.

9. Shirtwascash

Source: thatshirtwascash.com.

Shirtwascash started a couple years ago from a few online posts on 4chan and Reddit; today, the company is a premiere source of user-submitted t-shirt designs from the internet. All of the company’s products are U.S.-made and feature a 45-day return policy.


Source: jrnl.com.

JRNL’s app was designed to help users capture meaningful content from their life, be it social content, mobile content, blogs, email, text, or others. The company has been featured in Forbes, Las Vegas Business Press, and LDSLiving, to name a few.

7. HATech

Source: hatech.io.

HATech’s goal is to bring DevOps mastery to organizations via education, transformation, re-architecting, tooling, managed services, hard work. Aside from its consulting services, the company also offers FACTS with Docker as a SaaS solution to store key/value pairs and services.

6. iBidGames

Source: ibidgames.com.

iBidGames has developed a social auction bidding game where players can win real prizes at substantial savings. The company also offers BidHeart, a socially conscious component where auction prizes

5. Fuelixr

Source: fuelixir.com.

Fuelixir combines personal analytics with organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly foods to offer sports nutrition boxes catered specifically for each user. The company uses Strava or Runkeeper data in recommending a personalized subscription plan and customizing boxes to user preferences.

4. Falcon Electric Bikes

Source: falconelectricbikes.com.
As its name implies, Falcon Electric Bikes specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of high-performance electric bicycles. Its bikes are delivered ready-to-ride and are backed by a full electronic warranty.

3. ButterFLi

Source: gobutterfli.com.

ButterFLi’s digital platform provides on-demand assisted transportation to passengers requiring special care. The company’s network of transportation providers range from low-to-the-ground limousines to vehicles with wheelchair ramps and lifts.

2. Leadium

Source: leadium.io.

Leadium’s solution was designed to help businesses accelerate outbound sales. The company provides dedicated sales resources for acquiring target prospects, designing account-based sales campaigns, and converting prospects to qualified sales appointments.

1. StoAmigo

Source: stoamigo.com.

StoAmigo enables users to access, transfer, and send files from any device, regardless of where they are stored. The company’s solution merges different devices into a single file ecosystem for streamlined access and retrieval.

From transportation apps for riders with special needs to cutting-edge electric bikes, these 11 startups from Las Vegas are putting the city on the map when it comes to tech innovation. Be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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