13 Tech Startups from Lithuania You Need to Know About in 2017 

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By any measure, tech innovation in Lithuania is in full bloom: there are over 300 startups in the country at the moment—a 16% percent increase when compared with last year. The country’s initiatives to reinvent itself as a blossoming hub of tech startup innovation are also bolstered by the presence of global enterprises such as IBM, Barclays, Nasdaq, and Uber, to name a few.

Here are 13 of the most promising tech startups from Lithuania you need to know about in 2017 and beyond.

13. Exponeer

Source: exponeer.com.

Exponeer’s virtual exhibition platform enables SMEs to reach global markets with minimal effort. The solution allows users to register either as a visitor, or an exhibitor with products and services to display/demonstrate.

12. Vinted

Source: vinted.lt.

Vinted’s expansive online marketplace allows users to buy, sell, or trade second-hand clothes—from running shoes and high heels to purses and accessories. The startup currently boasts almost 11 million customers from around the world.

11. CGTrader

Source: cgtrader.com.

3D printing is all the rage right now, and CGTrader is tapping into the frenzy with its platform for all things 3D. The platform offers an enormous variety of computer graphics and 3D printing models, pre-built and ready-to-use.

10. Tipi

Source: tipihub.com.

Tipi’s platform allows growing business to scale more effectively with tools for aligning employee goals, iterating fast, and broadcasting with fast feedback. The solution also helps to get rid of internal emails.

9. Planner 5D

Source: planner5d.com.

Planner5D’s interior design tool allows users to create professional home designs with no previous knowledge or expertise. Over 18 million users have already signed up on the platform.

8. ClaimsControl

Source: claimscontrol.com.

ClaimsControl is a a freemium SaaS claims platform for SMEs that eliminates the manual exchange of insurance claims data, thereby improving the volume and quality of claims information. The solution enables any broker or B2B user to create a free ClaimsControl account for registering accidents and sharing claims.

7. Office Browsing History

Source: officebrowsinghistory.com.

As its name implies, Office Browsing History is an employee-friendly internet usage monitoring solution—eThe platform enables managers to unobtrusively remediate excessive employee internet use in a more productive manner.

6. BumFix

Source: bumfix.lt.

BumFix was designed to help users find the best deals on car parts, without even looking for them. Users simply search for the part based on their vehicle’s 

5. Baltic Arrow

Source: balticarrow.lt.

Baltic Arrow is a car sharing club and platform that enables sports car owners to swap with owners of larger vehicles. The company uses a point system that can be cashed in for euros.

4. TableAir

Source: tableair.com.

TableAir designs smart work tables that can be controlled with a smart device. Using the accompanying app, workers can raise or lower the table according to their individual needs.

3. JetCat Games

Source: jetcatgames.com.

Founded in Vilnius by Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian gaming aficionados, JetCat Games is a leading developer of 3D games. Its first Steam title Heliborne has become a major hit across the globe.

2. MoboFree

Source: mobofree.com.

MoboFree has developed a mobile classifieds platform that allows users to buy/sell/swap items in a variety of categories, from phones and computers to real estate and building materials. The app is one of the largest and most trusted social/mobile classifieds platforms in West Africa, boasting 3 million registered users generating an average of 65 million page impressions each month.

1. SketchAR

Source: sketchar.tech.

SketchAR has developed an augmented reality app for sketching: users view a virtual image on the surface to be sketched upon through the phone. The app is a godsend for users who have always wanted to draw but lack the artistic skills.

These are just a handful of startups out of many of up-and-coming Lithuanian tech startups we’ve chosen to highlight for 2017. Be sure to keep them—and the country at large—on your radar in the months and years ahead.



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