Top 9 Tech Startups from Venezuela You Need to Know About in 2017

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South American tech innovators are among the best and brightest in the world—and with highest GDP in the region, Venezuela and its community of digital entrepreneurs are uniquely poised for success.

From queue management apps to community travel platforms, the following are the top 9 tech startups from Venezuela you need to know about in 2017.

9. friGo


friGo has developed an innovative cooking app with features like an ingredient inventory keeper, recipe suggester based on items available, shopping list and expiration date tracking, and more. The solution is available exclusively for Android devices.

8. MeContaron


MeContaron is community feedback platform that allows users to leave opinions, complaints, and recommendations for local establishments (e.g., restaurants, bars, discos, shops, gyms) in the city of Caracas. The company also offers a VIP registry that features special promotions and access to exclusive parties.

7. Sincola


No one loves waiting in line at the bank or stylist—SinCola alleviates this pain with its app for managing queue lists. The solution allows users to request a service ticket/number on their mobile device ahead of time; on the other end, businesses can plan their capacity and workers’ schedules more effectively.

6. La Imagen Web


La Imagen Web is a creative agency that specializes in web and mobile design. The company boasts a customer list from a variety of industries, from banking and finance to pharma and legal.

5. Singular


Singular was founded by a group of young professionals passionate about bettering the world through technology—specifically, with augmented reality experiences that merge the physical and digital worlds. The company’s customer list includes the likes of Coca-Cola, Wayra, Mercado Libre, Telefonica, and P&G, to name a few.



ZOMOZ helps travelers find different locales and activities for creating unforgettable moments. Upon registering, users can browse other peoples’ travels, share their own adventures, and make reservations for hundreds of unique activities and experiences in Venezuela.



Dawere is a developer of elearning and educational solutions—the company focuses on using technology to make education adapt to a particular student’s needs for enhanced learning. The company even offers an online baccalaureate degree for students unable to attend classes in person.

2. Dnarity


Dnarity is a leading developer of brand protection and anti-counterfeiting technologies. The company crowdsources anti-counterfeiting auditing efforts and offers a database for validating a product’s authenticity; customers can check the origin and authenticity of products via smartphone or desktop.

1. FácilMédica


FácilMédica’s healthcare app allows patients to book and pay for medical appointments online; healthcare professionals have access to a range of back-office tools, including virtual agenda management, electronic payments, administrative panels, medical record management, messaging, to-do lists, and more.

In short, Venezuela may be in the midst of formidable socio-economic challenges, but its tech startups are not letting up when it comes to innovation and creative entrepreneurship. Be sure to keep these 9 companies on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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