Top 11 Healthcare and Medical Startups from Bangladesh You Need to Know in 2017

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With the world’s 8th largest population—160 million people, 100 million of which are mobile subscribers—Bangladesh is one of Asia’s largest consumer markets for mobile and digital offerings. It’s therefore not surprising that many of Bangladesh’s healthcare and medical startups focus on the convergence of healthcare and mobility.

From digital solutions for streamlining doctor’s appointments to healthcare Q&A apps, the following are 11 healthcare and medical startups from Bangladesh you need to know about in 2017.

11. Doctorola


Doctorola is one of the more popular local healthcare startup offerings—the solution helps users find and book doctor appointments online.  Over two hundred hospitals and several thousand doctors are currently using the platform.

10. Jeeon


Jeeon’s goal is to bring quality primary healthcare to rural, underserved communities in Bangladesh. The telemedicine service uses a combination of local intermediary consultants and digital tools to give citizens affordable healthcare options, regardless of their location.

9. Maya


Maya’s app connects users  to subject matter experts, allow them to ask questions via SMS, Android app, or the web; users then receive their answers anonymously. Though not strictly healthcare-focused, the company mandates that 75% percent of questions must be health-related.



HealthPrior21 is an online health portal and ecommerce website that offers health tips, news, drug indices, leading health products, and more. The portal also features a comprehensive medical ebook library with titles covering a myriad of topics, from dermatology to sports medicine.

7. Doctorkoi


DoctorKoi is an online healthcare service that features a database of doctors/hospitals, as well as medical enterprise resource planning (ERP) features for helping doctors streamline their practice: appointment schedule management, patient history tracking, and more.

6. Aponjon


Aponjon is a mobile and SMS-based digital healthcare offering focused on expecting mothers and their babies. Designed for pregnant women, new mothers, and families, the service sends subscribers behavior change communication messages via mobile on a regular basis.

5. Bhalothakun


Bhalothakun’s goal is to improve the health and well-being of families in Bangladesh—the website offers health guides, preventative tips, as well as online prescription fulfillment. The company focuses on patient privacy, offering customers a service delivery model that ensures safety and security.

4. Jolpie


Jolpie’s digital healthcare offering allows users to easily book appointments with qualified doctors and specialists. To date, the company has over 2000 verified doctors in their network and over 4,000 registered users.

3. Critical Link


Critical Link is a Dhaka-based social enterprise that was one of the winners of the 2015 The World Summit Awards in Health. The organization aims to save lives by connecting trained, volunteer first responders to accidents and emergencies via its mobile app.

2. Augmedix


Based in Bangladesh and San Francisco, Augmedix focuses primarily on developing Google Glass-based, hands-free medical and healthcare solutions. The company currently supports doctors in over 30 U.S. states and has partnered with healthcare providers like Sutter Health, Dignity Health, TriHealth, to name a few.



CMED has developed an ecosystem of medical devices powered by a cloud-based health monitoring system. The company’s suite of integrated smart medical devices are connected and controlled via an accompanying mobile app, allowing for better security, data transmission, and security than traditional tele-health monitoring systems.

Bangladesh’s healthcare and medical startups are actively working to improve the access, cost, and quality of healthcare for all Bangladeshi citizens—be sure to keep these 11 startups on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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