15 Tech Startups from Tunisia You Need to Know About in 2017

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Since its revolution back in January 2011, Tunisia has been pursuing a transition strategy focused on democratic governance—one that is slowly but steadily improving the social and economic conditions of the country. Unemployment continues to be a major hurdle; this challenge is being met by local tech entrepreneurs in the market for young professionals to build out their digital ventures.

Here’s a snapshot of the top 15 tech startups from Tunisia you need to know about in 2017 and beyond.

15. Evey

Source: evey.live.

Evey’s goal is to democratize voting with technology—its mobile/social platform enables communities and organizations to hold votes and surveys in real-time, with data analytics and social network mapping on the back end. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

14. Neoshop

Source: neoshop.tn.

Neoshop is a ecommerce destination for local, high-end fashion for both men and women. The company’s goal is to become the benchmark in online shopping for all Tunisians.

13. Katomi

Source: katomi.co.

Katomi is an eHealth startup specializing in innovative medical imaging solutions. The company’s medical image management platform is capable of secure storage and intuitive indexing of images, helping physicians manage and track patient photos more easily.

12. GoMyCode

Source: gomycode.tn.

GoMyCode’s training programs help users build their own startups or launch their careers in technology. Some courses include mobile app development, game development, and full stack Javascript development, to name a few.

11. Dabchy

Source: dabchy.com.

Dabchy—or “My Clothes” in Tunisian—is a woman’s fashion community portal for buying and selling unused clothing and accessories. Users can earn extra money by posting their unused, outdated clothes for sale; shoppers can refresh their wardrobe by purchasing new items at discounted prices.

10. Sciencia

Source: sciencia.tn.

As its name implies, Sciencia works to enhance and innovate children’s science education. The company organizes  educational workshops for kids and discusses scientific/technical subjects like physics, chemistry and robotics.

9. BnB Tunisie

Source: bnb.tn.

BnB Tunisia is a leading real estate platform for people interesting in buying, selling, and/or renting a house. The service also offers flight and travel searches for finding cheap airfare and hotel accomodations.

8. Logis

Source: logis.tn.

Logis is a real estate portal and classifieds website for the Tunisian property market. The service features a search engine for finding houses and apartments for sale and rent

7. Tuniliv

Source: tuniliv.com.

Tuniliv is a web application that allows deliveries and transport between individuals in Tunisia. Instead of using expensive traditional solutions like “La Poste”, Tuniliv allows Tunisians to make shipping requests within a community of people of trust and pay lower prices

6. OutShot

Source: play.google.com.

OutShot is a mobile guide for local festivities that aims to connects Tunisians with the events and occasions that matter to them the most. The Android-specific app lets users search for events by name, place, and/or date.

5. Devagnos

Source: devagnos.com.

Devagnos is an agency that specializes in developing cutting-edge web and mobile applications. Some of its clients include Audi, BookU, and Smartly.ao, to name a few.

4. Saphon Energy

Source: saphonenergy.com.

Saphon Energy is developing a cleantech solution called the Saphonian—an efficient, zero-blade wind converter that offers a reliable and eco-friendly way to harness wind power for green energy. The company is working in tandem with Microsoft to bring its offering to the market.

3. Incept

Source: incept.tn.

Incept specializes in developing fully integrated hardware solutions for immersive and augmented reality applications. The startups has already helped various leading brands build memorable and interactive enhanced experiences.

2. Chifco

Source: chifco.com.

Chifco specializes in developing internet of things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M)-based applications. Its SmartLife home automation solution allows users to remotely control their homes or office via an accompanying mobile app.

1. Enova Robotics

Source: enovarobotics.eu.

Enova Robotics specializes in mobile robot development and robotics R&D projects and applications. The startup has the distinction of being the first company in Africa and the Arab world that designs and manufactures its own brand of robots.

As you can see, Tunisia’s tech startups are poised to go head-to-head with the best and brightest from Silicon Valley. From IoT solution providers to mobile medical imaging apps, be sure to keep these 15 Tunisian tech startups on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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