11 Bitcoin Startups from London You Need to Know About in 2017

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A large proportion of the world’s most anticipated fintech startups have emerged from London in the past few years, many of which are Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related in nature; suffice to say, digital currency startups operate at the tip of the spear when it comes to fintech innovation.

According to a recent Accenture study, 2/5th of all European fintech investments are happening in Ireland and the UK. This—along with the local cryptocurrency space—make London’s bitcoin startup ecosystem one to watch in 2017.

Here are 11 bitcoin startups from London you need to know about in 2017 and beyond.

11. Quantave

Source: quantave.com.

Quantave has developed a DMA and post-trade settlement infrastructure that allows professional market participants to seamlessly interface with bitcoin exchanges, as well as a unified and professional suite of services for quantitative analysis. The company is currently in closed beta testing phase.

10. Bitnewt

Source: bitnewt.com.

Bitnewt is a marketing agency that caters exclusively to bitcoin startups. The company provides branding, communications, SEO, and strategy guidance, among other services.

9. Cryptopay

Source: cryptopay.me.

Crytopay’s bitcoin exchange makes it easy for users to buy and sell bitcoins using local payment options. The company issues a Visa debit card that enables bitcoin usage everywhere Visa is accepted.

8. Coinfloor

Source: coinfloor.co.uk.

Coinfloor has developed a bitcoin trading platform that focuses on security, regulation, and legitimacy. The offering is purportedly the first publicly auditable bitcoin exchange.

7. CoinJar

Source: coinjar.com.

CoinJar is an advanced consumer finance platform powered by bitcoin. The solution allows for the seamless transfer between currencies and payments to anyone globally.

6. Cubits

Source: cubits.com.

Cubit markets itself as Europe’s gateway to bitcoin, enabling easy consumer access to the digital currency across the continent. The platform enables quick bitcoin purchases and sales across 17 different currencies and features partnerships with major payment processors.

5. Vaultoro

Source: vaultoro.com.

Vaultero offers global bitcoin/gold trading services in real-time via its platform, order book, and API. The company is the first to offer a secure and transparent high-frequency bitcoin and gold exchange.

4. Magnr

Source: magnr.com.

Among other services, Magnr is the first company in the world to offer bitcoin-based savings accounts. The company—formerly known as Btc.sx—also offers the first bitcoin platform that allows users to open both long and short positions in bitcoin.

3. Bittylicious

Source: bittylicious.com.

Bittylicious aims to make buying bitcoins as painless as possible. The service features a streamlined, intuitive interface that removes the hurdles of making purchases, allowing anyone with a UK bank account to quickly buy/sell bitcoin

2. SpectroCoin

Source: spectrocoin.com.

SpectroCoin has developed an all-in-one platform for bitcoin—the service includes a bitcoin exchange, wallet and merchant service provider. The platform features localized currency and payment options to facilitate international transactions: over 150 countries and 30 currencies are currently supported.

1. Elliptic

Source: elliptic.co.

Elliptic bills itself as the “the global standard for blockchain intelligence”: its solution identifies illicit activity on the bitcoin blockchain and provides actionable intelligence to financial institutions and law enforcement agencies. The startup has been featured in Business Insider and The Telegraph, to name a few.

These are just a few of the exciting bitcoin-based startups from London you need to be aware of this year. Be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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