7 Tech Startups from Gambia You Need to Know About in 2017

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When most people think about tech startups, The Gambia is probably not the first country that comes to mind. The tiny West African country of 1.7 million people is popular with international tourists for its beaches and rich history, but there’s more to this country that you might be interested to learn about, especially when it comes to tech startup innovation.

Organizations such as Startup Incubator Gambia continue to spur innovation in the local startup ecosystem and provide crucial business support to startups, so you can expect to see more creative digital offerings coming from this region in the near future.

From mobile fintech solutions to greentech fuels, the following are 7 Gambian tech startups you need to be aware of in 2017 and beyond.

7. Assutech

Source: assutech.gm.

Assutech is one of The Gambia’s premier providers of software and mobile app development services. The company boasts an impressive lineup of customer projects in its portfolio, from financial solutions to member management applications.


Source: movaar.org.

As mentioned earlier, The Gambia isn’t really known for its tech startups, but one startup in particular is doing something meaningful to change this. Aptly named MOVAAR—short for “Making Our Visions And Aspirations Reality”—is a business enterprise that aims to increase the engagements of young Gambians in the field of science. The company has recently partnered with Startup Incubator to further its cause.

5. Afri-solutions

Source: afrisolutions.net.

Afri-solutions is a fintech startup that specializes in finance and telecommunications apps. Its v-Money pin/QR code-based offering is a leading electronic currency solution while its e-Bima app allows for mobile insurance payments.

4. FishCom Gambia

Source: facebook.com/FishCom-Gambia-1901518620137082/.

Fishing is key part of the Gambia’s economy— as a critical component of the country’s GDP, the fishing industry is a vital source of employment and means of feeding the country’s large, lower economic class. FishCom Gambia addresses the problem of highly-perishable seafood by creating cold storage facilities for the storage and distribution of fish all over the Gambia.

3. Madani Studios

Source: facebook.com/madanistudios.

Madani Studios is the Gambia’s premier digital marketing agency, offering a range of services from digital/content/social media marketing to web design and development. The company specializes in transforming “clicks into customers.”

2. InSIST Global

Source: insistglobal.com.

InSIST Global is a software development company that specializes in creating innovative, custom software solutions. For example, the firm has developed a healthcare database management solution that helps keep track of patient issues/treatments, as well as the “Kodo” mobile money system: a cloud-based financial platform that supports transactions such as money transfers, payments, and more.

1. Greentech Environmental Solutions

Source: greentechgambia.com.

On a continent still heavily-reliant on fossil fuels, Greentech is bringing about positive change through the development of biomass fuel based on processed groundnut shells. Given that groundnuts are readily available locally, the company is able to accomplish two goals at once: expand the demand for groundnut production and protecting the environment through the creation of cheap, clean, and sustainable fuel.

In short, these innovative tech ventures are providing crucial solutions to the everyday problems faced by average Gambians. Be sure to keep this West African nation and its startups on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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