Top 9 Tech Startups from Tianjin and Hebei You Need to Know About in 2017

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Beijing’s emergence as one of the leading tech startup hubs in Asia has also spurred tech startup activity in nearby Tianjin and Hebei; together, this collective area known as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei—or Jingjinji or Jing-Jin-Ji (JJJ)—is the largest metropolitan region in Northern China, and one of the hottest emerging innovation centers in the country.

From industrial-grade UAVs to smart watches geared for healthier living, here are the top 9 tech startups from Tianjin and Hebei you need to know about in 2017 and beyond.

9. Megdragon


The only company of its kind in China, Megdragon Software Development Co., Ltd. aims to improve fire engineering design/construction quality by improving design efficiency and eliminating flaws. The company develops software tools used in the design and construction of fire extinguishing systems.

8. Shineyue Software Technology Company


Shineyue develops mobile software for various industries and applications—for example, its Housing Fund app provides loan deposit and fund/account inquiry functionality, among other features. The company designs solutions for both Android and iOS devices.

7. Aurora UAV


Tianjin Aurora UAV Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacturing of industrial/enterprise-grade unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The company features a wide variety of both aerial and aquatic drones in its product lineup.

6. Watertek


Watertek focuses on solving smog problems with technology—namely, with its testing/support, taxation access control, smart city, and spatio-temporal big data solutions. The company recently invested 100 million yuan ($14.5 million) with Peking University to construct a big data collaborative platform serving the collaborative development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei provinces.

5. Greber Management


Greber is a technology-focused advisory firm that began as the publisher of online properties, Tianjin Network Club, and TianjinProject. The company is now based in Tianjin, Hong Kong, and Zurich, serving clients from around the world.

4. Liepin


Liepin is a leading community-based recruitment website and professional jobs database. The online platform features job openings from a myriad of global enterprises: Tencent, L’Oreal, Huawei, and Pepsico, to name a few.

3. JXJ Technologies


JXJ Technologies Inc., based in Georgia, USA and Hebei, specializes in the development of wearable devices for medical and healthcare use cases, such as its jWotch series of cloud-powered smart watches. Other products include iPreCare, a remote health service platform designed to prevent cardiovascular diseases in the elderly.

2. The Moby Mart


The Moby Mart is a combined effort between Swedish bicycle cafe startup Wheelys, Himalafy, and Hebei University. The project—currently in beta testing mode—involves the development of the the world’s first mobile, autonomous AI-powered supermarket.

1. AirTeams

AirTeam’s platform is a lightweight CRM that features APIs that allow it to integrate with any website or app within minutes. The company offers a free usage tier for getting up to speed with the solution.

In short, these 9 tech startups are putting Tianjin and Hebei on the map when it comes to global tech innovation—be sure to keep them in your sights in 2017 and beyond.



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