11 Tech Startup From Tel Aviv You Need to Know About in 2017

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Despite being a relatively young state, Israel has become a leading global power and innovation hub—with many of its technological advances originating from Tel Aviv, the country’s second largest city. In fact, “The White City” already has a reputation for its strong tech startup culture, high level of venture capital per capita, and deep pool of qualified IT talent.

It’s no wonder that Tel Aviv’s tech startups are amongst the most creative and innovative in the world—check out these 11 local startups you need to be aware of in 2017 and beyond.

11. Ctera

Source: ctera.com.

Ctera is a cloud storage and data protection service catering to telecom operators, ISPs, and enterprises. The company’s solution offers more efficient cloud storage, flexible management options, and creation/deployment options than competing vendors like Dropbox, Google, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

10. FairFly

Source: fairfly.com.

FairFly helps cut business travel costs automatically by leveraging airline ticket volatility to business flyers’ advantage. Users simply set up an account and book a flight—the service will constantly update their itinerary with the lowest cost, as long as the difference is greater than the cancellation fee.

9. ZUta

Source: zutalabs.com.

ZUta’s mobile printer started out as a Kickstarter project, but has now become a hit product in full-production. The palm-sized, portable robotic printer connects directly to smartphones and/or desktops and prints on any size of paper.

8. SCiO

Source: consumerphysics.com.

Developed by Consumer Physics, SCio is the world’s first affordable molecular sensor. The palm-sized spectrometer works with your handheld device to determine the chemical composition of your food and medication.

7. Wibbitz

Source: wibbitz.com.

Wibbitz is a text-to-video platform with the tagline “a video for every story.” The solution allows users to submit textual content to be transformed into video summaries viewed on the web or via mobile device.

6. hereO

Source: hereofamily.com.

hereO is a leading manufacturer of GPS watches designed exclusively for kids. The device and accompanying app allow parents to instantly track their children’s location for instant safety and piece of mind.

5. StoreDot

Source: store-dot.com.

StoreDot is a nanotechnology startup that aims to improve charging and display technologies—the company uses organic materials called Nanodots to develop faster charging capabilities for smart devices/cars, as well as sharper, more brilliant smartphone displays.

4. Hello Heart

Source: helloheart.com.

Hello Heart  has developed an iOS app for personal medical records organization—users can access their entire medical history at their fingertips. The solution is a godsend for people with extensive medical histories and/or serious illnesses that require various data points to keep track of.

3. Arbe Robotics

Source: arberobotics.com.

Arbe Robotics develops technologies critical to the operation of autonomous delivery drones. The company’s proprietary radar system combines advanced hardware and software to allow autonomous drones to detect and avoid objects up to 1 km away.

2. Neura

Source: theneura.com.

Neura’s AI platform enable apps and devices to adapt and react to user behavior and preferences. The solution is able to glean insights from the user behavior, as tracked through tech ecosystems, activities, habits, and metrics.

1. Moovit

Source: moovitapp.com.

Moovit is the world’s leading public transportation app, enabling over 50 million users worldwide ride public transit smarter. The app allows users to search for destinations, compare transit options, and receive directions that update in realtime with the route traveled.

Tel Aviv’s entrepreneurs have already made a name for themselves in the global tech startup arena—in fact, Tel Aviv University was listed among the top ten colleges worldwide that have graduated billion-dollar startup founders. Which one of these 11 tech startups is the next to reach unicorn status? Only time will tell, so be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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