13 Tech Startups Around The World Reinventing Healthcare and Medicine in 2017

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Healthcare and medical-related tech startups around the world are ushering in a new age of medicine; already, the individual and collective efforts of these ventures are resulting in longer/healthier lives with better quality of living, improved preventative care, and more effective disease detection and treatment.

From innovative genomics offerings to better diabetes management solutions, the following are 13 healthcare and medical startups from around the world you need to be aware of in 2017.

13. Flatiron Health

Source: flatiron.com.

Flatiron Health’s cloud-based platform stores identity-free patient data and gives researchers and pharmaceutical companies access to this data to improve cancer research.  The solution is currently being used by over 260 cancer clinics.

12. Desktop Genetics

Source: deskgen.com.

The implications of CRISPR technologies and gene editing are game-changing; UK-based Desktop Genetics is an AI-powered solution that gives medical researchers simplified access to the CRISPR genomics database. The company aims to significantly accelerate genome editing and has raised $3.2 million from investors to date.

11. Flare

Source: flare.capsule.co.ke.

Kenya-based Flare operates in an Uber-style fashion to bring together all available ambulances on a single system for more timely, efficient emergency medical response. The offering is currently in beta release.

10. Welltok

Source: welltok.com.

Welltok provides personalized action plans and connects users to health managers for guidance along the way to becoming more healthy; among its clients are insurance companies, healthcare patients, pharmacy benefit managers, and employers. The solution connects users to benefits, rewards, and other useful healthcare resources. 

9. Zocdoc

Source: zocdoc.com.

With Zocdoc’s solution, users can search for health care practitioners, read reviews from other patients, and book appointments directly from the app—it can even match a patient’s symptoms with the right specialist. The startup has so far raised $223 million in VC funding.

8. BioLert

Source: play.google.com.

This startup’s offering was designed specifically for sufferers of epilepsy—the app collects all patient’s relevant data—seizure tracking data, vital signs, and more—on a secured cloud platform. The solution can also be connected to a smartwatch or other tracking device, notifying caregivers when neurological events occur for a faster medical response.

7. Maven

Source: mavenclinic.com.

Maven is an online clinic for women and families that offers a myriad of OB-GYNs, nutritionists, midwives, therapists, and other women’s health practitioners—over 1,000 in total—who are available 24 hours a day.  The New York-based startup has already surpassed $15 million in funding and is primed for expansion.

6. Sansoro Health

Source: sansorohealth.com.

Sansoro Health’s solution bridges the connection between digital health applications and electronic health records.  The company is a leading player in the race to the design the first unified, interoperable platform between all healthcare providers. 

5. Livongo

Source: livongo.com.

Livongo is aimed at helping diabetes patients better manage their conditions. The company—armed with $52 million in venture funding—has developed a comprehensive diabetes management solution that consists of services (e.g., coaching), software, and hardware—namely, an easy-to-use connected smart meter.

4. Catalia Health

Source: cataliahealth.com.

Catalia’s patient engagement platform features an AI-driven digital healthcare companion called Mabu that attends to a variety of tasks: checking on patients to ensure they are following their treatment program, sending reminders about the use of diagnostic equipment and medication, and more. The app also collects data regarding patient side effects and program successes, soon to be linked to an integrated health system for a more comprehensive database of medical information. This expanded body of knowledge will one day provide accurate assessments of the efficacy of different treatments. 

3. Digital Health Solutions

Source: digitalhealthsolutionsllc.com.

Digital Health Solutions—in collaboration with the Indiana University School of Medicine—has developed a solution called CHICA, short for  Child Health Improvement through Computer Automation. The technology augments child healthcare data with critical information, allowing doctors to better identify problems and assess risks to provide the highest possible pediatric care standard.

2. Forus Health

Source: forushealth.com.

India-based Forus Health is focused on eradicating preventable blindness. To this end, the startup has developed a portable screening device that helps identify common eye problems early on, while treatment is still an option to prevent blindness later in life. The device also helps to improve eye care in developing/remote areas by sending information to doctors in urban environments for remote diagnoses.

1. Heal

Source: heal.com.

California-based Heal allows users to request the house call services of an on-call doctor, directly from its app. The solution dispatches doctors to patients’ homes in two hours or less and is ideal for minor ailments like sore throats, sports injuries, migraines or rashes, as well as physical health exams.  Patients have the option of using their health plan or paying $99 for an appointment.  

In short, innovative healthcare and medical startups around the world are creating solutions to help improve the well-being and longevity of consumers across the globe. Be sure to keep these startups on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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