11 Tech Startups from Karachi You Need to Know About in 2017

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Despite being a relatively newcomer to the global tech startup arena, Karachi has already made a prominent name for itself when it comes to digital innovation. This is hardly a surprise, however, considering the country’s sizable consumer base; local entrepreneurs are in the midst of immense market opportunities in Pakistan’s biggest city and the 4th most populous city in the world.From school management platforms to hardware-enabled telemedicine offerings, the following are 11 tech startups from Karachi you need to know about in 2017 and beyond.

11. Avaib

Source: avaib.com.

With thousands of customers in Pakistan, Canada, and America, Avaib is a leading IT outsourcing and software development/design firm that specializes in building custom SaaS applications for educational institutions and other organizations. The company also offers two off-the-shelf solutions: a project communications work management solution and a platform for managing school fees.

10. Sonnekt

Source: sonnekt.com.

Sonnekt’s innovative music player allows users to see others who are listening to similar songs—or who share similar tastes as displayed in their playlists—and interface/connect with them. The app is currently in beta release.

9. Khazanay

Source: khazanay.com.

Khazanay is an ecommerce portal that features a wide selection of quality second-hand items, from shoes and clothing to books and electronics. All items are first physically verified by the company for authenticity, as well as cleaned and labeled.

8. Smart Pupils

Source: smartpupils.com.

Like Avaib, Smart Pupils is aims at helping schools manage their operations more cost effectively, efficiently, and with less manual effort. The platform is an comprehensive solution for managing a school’s day-to-day operations, covering academics, finance, HR, and more.

7. Qury

Source: qurytech.com.

Qury has created a hardware-enabled telemedicine kit for healthcare professionals working in developing countries and remote locations. The solution consists of wireless diagnostic devices for checking vitals, cloud-based remote monitoring services, and EMR/data analysis apps—as well as devices for checking blood pressure, blood oxygen, body core temperature, blood glucose, fetal heart rate, adult heart rate,  lung sounds,

6. Urdubit

Source: urdubit.com.

Urdubit is a platform and exchange for buying and selling bitcoin in Pakistan. The company aims to create a community of global bitcoin traders, freelancers, investors and entrepreneurs, and has already integrated 2 other exchanges into its platform: Venezuela’s Surbitcoin and Brazil’s Foxbit.

5. MyTabeeb

Source: mytabeeb.pk.

Mytabeeb is a digital healthcare app where users can find the right doctor for their ailment, organized by specialty—over 50, from anesthesiology to cardiology—as well as schedule and location. Users can also use the iOS/Android offering to search for hospitals, diagnostic centers, and pharmacies.

4. The Queno

Source: thequeno.com.

The Queno is bridging the gap between parents and teachers with its educational platform—the solution allows educators to be more efficient by automating data storage processes and reducing manual efforts/paperwork and  processes. The solution allows concerned parents to monitor their child’s progress in school and receive real-time updates, all via their mobile device.

3. Sukoon

Source: sukoon.com.pk.

Sukoon is an app and website for hiring local top-quality, pre-screened service providers for a broad range of household services, from electrical work to AC repair and plumbing. The offering features a seamless booking process,  simple payment method, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

2. doctHERs

Source: doctHERs.com.

DoctHERs is a digital healthcare offering designed for woman, powered by female medical specialists. The platform connects doctors with patients by way of video and encoded/secured electronic medical records (EMRs).

1. EcoEnergy

Source: ecoenergyfinance.org.

EcoEnergy enables remote and off-grid users to deploy and manage solar power solutions easily and cost-effectively. Notable features include utility-based, pay-as-you-go solar technology and monthly installment plans, as well as remote GSM checking/administration, customized phone/field support, and more.

Coupled with the startup ecosystem players in Islamabad, the nation’s capital, Karachi tech startups are helping to strengthen Pakistan’s position in the global tech startup arena. Be sure to keep these 11 digital startup pioneers in your sights in 2017 and beyond.



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