11 Healthtech Startups from Chile You Need to Know About in 2017

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In recent years, Chile has emerged as the leading producer of healthcare-related tech startups in LATAM. Due to ample support from the government and private funding sources, the country’s healthtech startups have led the charge globally in developing cutting edge products and services for the medical and healthcare industry.

The following are the top 11 tech startups from Chile innovating medicine and healthcare you need to know about in 2017 and beyond.

11. Atmen

Source: brgfx / Freepik.

Metered dose inhaler technology has remained nearly the same for over half a century; Atmen is disrupting this space with a new solution called Spiritum that is more efficient and long-lasting than regular inhalers.

10. Soleit

Source: soleit.co.

Soleit has developed a comprehensive platform for foot wellness that involves the measurement and manufacturing of soles, directly in-store. The company’s automated tests measure the uniqueness of each customer’s foot to develop a customized, optimal fit—all in a matter of minutes. 

9. Babybe

Source: babybemedical.com.

Babybe was designed to help premature babies transition into the world with less trauma and difficulty—the device measures the mother’s lungs and heartbeat to transform them into a sensory experience for the baby. This enables premature babies to feel the presence of their mothers, even inside an incubator.


Source: cedai.cl.

Infertility is a reproductive health issue faced by countless couples and individuals across the globe. To combat this, CED AI is developing a solution to more accurately measure the mobility, concentration and vitality of spermatozoa in fertility patients.

7. SoluNova

Source: solunova.cl.

SoluNova is focused on developing mobile and wearable technologies for various industries—including healthcare and medicine. For example, the company has developed a mobile and cloud-based solution for detecting arrhythmias in real-time.

6. Calce.org

Source: calce.org.

Calce.org has developed a online platform to aid orthotics/prosthetics companies and medical professionals in expanding their service capabilities. Using the solution, firms can 3D print more comfortable and form-fitting prosthetics application.

5. Rehapp

Source: rehapp.cl.

Rehapp develops interactive, mobile games geared for helping patients with with cognitive disabilities better rehabilitate. The game offerings are customizable, functional, contextual, and multi-sensory—with in-built mechanisms for data collection and metrics.

4. Biocellix

Source: twitter.com/chrysalis_pucv.

Biocellix is a biotech company focused on helping patientsmore effectively heal and recuperate. The firm’s solution support the regeneration of tissue in the treatment of chronic wounds.

3. Khapto

Source: facebook.com/Khapto.

Khapto’s offering measures and tracks the recovery process for patients with injured limbs. The wearable solution allows therapists to track the force and motion—among other data—in patients’ movements. The company is working on a companion AI component that will allow physicians to measure injury parameters to predict treatment procedures, time to heal, and cost.

2. SmartFES

Source: smartfes.cl.

For brain and spinal cord injury patients, functional electrical stimulation (FES) treatment can often improve mobility. SmartFES is a FES device controlled by a smartphone or tablet that improves the gait in people suffering from central nervous system damage and related mobility issues.

1. Careband

Source: careband.cl.

Careband is a smart band accessory and accompanying mobile app that measures/monitors infants’ oxygenation and pulse levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and more. The solution allows parents and physicians to quickly respond to abnormal signs and store their baby’s data in a virtual medical record.

Chilean healthtech startups among some of the world’s finest in their category—be sure to keep these 11 innovators on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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