11 Tech Startups from Colombo You Need to Know About in 2017

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As the capital city and commercial heart of Sri Lanka, Colombo is also the center of the country’s tech startup activity. But the city isn’t just home to digital upstarts—tech giants such as Microsoft and Uber also have an established presence as well.

Rapidly improving infrastructure, a new government focused on innovation, and increased trade/investment from abroad are rapidly transforming this city into a hotbed of digital innovation. The following are 11 tech startups from Colombo you need to know about in 2017.

11. SurfEdge

Source: surfedge.lk.

SurfEdge is a leading web and mobile application developer that specializes in both custom solutions as well as its own line of digital offerings. For example, its GuruPaara platform helps students and parents select classes and teachersonline.

10. ShoutOUT

Source: getshoutout.com.

ShoutOUT’s messaging platform allows users to send targeted, personalized messages to customers for improving marketing efforts and engagement levels. The solution brings together customer data from different sources under one dashboard and automatically sends messages based on gender, interests, purchasing history, and other factors.

9. TaxiGo

Source: play.google.com.            

TaxiGo—Sri Lanka’s premiere taxi hailing app—is the ideal way to hail a safe, reliable taxi in the country. The customer and driver app, available exclusively for Android devices, feature 24-hour live customer agent support and extended customer privacy policy.

8. ParkMeApp

Source: parkmeapp.com.

As its name implies, ParkMeApp was designed to help Colombo area residents discover available parking spots near them. The app allows users to book spaces directly from their phone—as well as make money from renting out vacant spots.

7. mydeal.lk

Source: mydeal.lk.

Mydeal.lk’s features the best deals on a variety of products and services in Colombo, from household goods and movie tickets to personal electronics and mobile devices. The company also offers the online shopping portal MyStore.lk.

6. oDoc

Source: odoc.life.

ODoc is a healthcare app that makes finding the right medical practitioner a trivial affair. The solution allows users to book on-demand, video conference-based doctor appointments, upload photos, view lab tests/reports, and more.

5. GradChat

Source: gradchat.co.

GradChat is social app designed to help streamline university-related communications between school administration, students, and graduates. The solution features a job search function and resources for connecting staff and graduates with events and opportunities.

4. crowdisland

Source: crowdisland.lk.

Crowdisland is an equity crowdfunding platform that allows startup entrepreneurs to raise capital by reaching out to hundreds of ready investors. The solution has already helped several founders generate funds for building their prototypes and scaling their business.

3. Veta

Source: veta.life.

Veta’s goal is to rid Sri Lanka of the Dengue epidemic—a scourge impacting thousands of residents across the island. The app provides a simple and effective way to discover and report incidents, enabling individuals and communities to better mobilize, increase alertness, and prevent the spread of the disease.

2. SenzAgro

Source: senzagro.com.

SenzAgro develops technologies to make farming more efficient—specifically, to minimize the damage of droughts, mitigate water shortages, and maximize the usage of limited land and resources. The company’s Smart Irrigation System features plug-and-play sensors for collecting growing condition data and a web-based platform for data analysis and forecasting.


Source: goyo.lk.

GOYO’s wearable fitness solution consists of an attractive smart band and accompanying mobile app. The offering is capable of tracking calories spent, distance traveled, sleep patterns, heart rate, progress, and more.

In short, Colombo’s tech startups are helping to strengthen Sri Lanka’s position in the global tech startup arena—be sure to keep these 11 tech startups in your sights in 2017 and beyond.



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