13 Tech Startups from Porto You Need to Know About in 2017

by Gonçalo Manuel Ferreira Dias Correia 4,370 views0

Porto is a melting pot where people, tradition, history, and the amenities of a modern metropolis come together in one of Western Europe’s most vibrant cities. But Portugal’s second largest city is not just a prime tourist destination—it’s also home to a burgeoning tech startup scene and a myriad of innovative ventures.

From facilities management platforms to cloud-based agricultural monitoring systems, here are 13 tech startups from Porto you need to know about in 2017.


Source: easy2rec.com.

EASY2REC’s video editing software enables users to create high-quality videos using only their computer’s built-in features (e.g., microphone, webcam)—no professional equipment required. The solution is available exclusively for Windows machines.

12. Last2ticket

Source: last2ticket.com.

Last2ticket’s proprietary matching algorithm pairs users up with the right last-minute tickets for any type of event and venue. The company began as a project at Porto Business School (PBS).

11. EzyCities

Source: ezycities.com.

EzyCities allows users to find the right events in their city—as of now, the platform supports the cities of Lisbon and Porto. Event planners/hosts can use the platform to earn extra income by creating and holding paid-for workshops and events.

10. Facestore

Source: facestore.uk.com.

Facestore makes creating an online store and selling products via social media sites like Facebook and Instagram a snap—users can get set up in a matter of minutes. The platform also provides analytics and reports to gauge the success of products and promotions.

9. Bottlebooks

Source: bottlebooks.me.

Bottlebooks is a interactive digital catalog of wine targeting enthusiasts and industry professionals. Users can create new entries, curate their own catalog, and share with other fellow aficionados and wine business partners. The solution is available in 42 countries and features over 8,000 producers and importers.

8. Infraspeak

Source: infraspeak.com.

Infraspeak has developed a facilities management platform for optimizing and streamlining maintenance work; facility managers and technical assistants can access the solution via their mobile device or via the web. Siemens, Domino’s, and Holiday Inn Express are a few notable customers, to name a few.


Source: scraim.com.

SCRAIM is a SaaS-based application that combines project management and process management to provide superior, intelligent decision support. The solution offers several pricing tiers, including a freemium version (up to 5 users).

6. Musicverb

Source: musicverb.com.

Musicverb is a live music management platform connecting artists, booking agents, and events. The solution allows promoters and curators to search for artists best suited for their projects.

5. DefinedCrowd

Source: definedcrowd.com.

DefinedCrowd’s platform merges machine learning, data science, and crowdsourcing to power data collection and enrichment efforts. Additionally, its Neevo solution pays users to help improve the company’s AI-based technologies.

4. WiseCrop

Source: wisecrop.com.

WiseCrop has developed a cloud-based platform for farm/crop and agricultural management use cases. The solution’s monitoring and data analysis capabilities help increase yields while lowering operational costs; information such as watering conditions, plant disease risk, environmental factors, and more.

3. ShiftForward

Source: shiftforward.eu.

ShiftForward alleviates businesses from vulnerable advertising and media trading by offering companies their own private data management and ad forecasting solutions. The company’s flagship product is AdForecaster: a forecasting engine that offers near real-time predictions about campaign performance and inventory availability

2. Abyssal

Source: abyssal.eu.

Abyssal focuses on developing solutions for increasing the reliability and safety of remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) at sea. The company already has many prominent names on its customer list including Shell and BP, among others.

1. Knok

Source: knokcare.com.

Knok has developed a healthcare platform that connects doctors and patients via its mobile app. Users can book appointments, request video calls with qualified medical practitioners, and more. The company—hailed by many as the “Uber for Doctors”—was incubated at UPTEC, Porto’s largest incubator.

In short, Porto’s tech startup landscape has been increasing in breadth and volume year-on-year. Be sure to keep this fascinating city’s tech startup ecosystem and its players on your radar in the coming months and years.



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