11 Tech Startups from Kathmandu You Need to Know About in 2017

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Historically known as the city of temples, Kathmandu—Nepal’s capital—has seen a promising entrepreneurial outburst in recent years. From food-related websites to e-commerce and IT offerings, tech startups are flourishing in this South Asian metropolis.

Let’s take a look at 11 amazing tech startups based in Kathmandu you need to know about in 2017 and beyond.

11. Techlekh.com

Source: techlekh.com.

Techlekh.com’s goal is to promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Nepal, by way of comprehensive, accurate reviews of Nepali applications, products, software and services—as well as the innovative startups behinds these offerings and their stories. The website provides the latest news and updates regarding Nepal’s burgeoning tech startup/IT scene.

10. Khaalisisi

Source: khaalisisi.com.

Founded in early 2017 as a social enterprise, Khaalisisi is tackling the critical issue of waste accumulation in the capital. Its digital platform for waste management allows waste to be sold to waste entrepreneurs who then in turn recycle the trash: users donate/sell their waste products online, schedule a pickup time for the waste collectors, and await their arrival.

9. Khalti

Source: khalti.com.

Khalti’s online payment gateway has become Nepal’s premier one-stop digital service for mobile recharging, bill payments, online ticketing, and more. The company’s mission is to make digital finance widely accessible by connecting citizens across Nepal with its online payment solutions.

8. Semantic Creation

Source: semanticcreation.com.

Semantic Creation focuses on virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) research and development. The company has several offerings: NepalVR, a VR app that immerses users into different tourism destinations in Nepal, and VisualiseVR, a company under Semantic Creation that provides solutions in AR marketing, VR for education, and more.

7. Khetalo

Source: khetalo.com.

Khetalo is an agricultural startup company that aims to bring farming into urban environments. With focus on new techniques like vertical farming, the company designs customized farms for urban gardening aficionados.

6. Kantipurjob.com

Source: kantipurjob.com.

Kantipurjob.com is a popular online job portal for Nepali professionals. Both job seekers and employers can use the platform to find the best fit for their qualifications and requirements. With thousands of jobs posted daily, this startup is a popular destination for local career-minded professionals.

5. danfebooks

Source: danfebooks.com.

Danfebooks is an accounting platform for small business owners and entrepreneurs. The solution is compliant with Nepal’s accounting and taxation laws and is currently available as a beta release candidate.

4. Daraz

Source: daraz.com.np.

Previously known as the online retail brand Kyamu, Daraz is a one-stop online shop for everything from apparel and baby care products to mobile devices and home decor items. The company brings national and international sellers together in its digital marketplace with the aim of promoting local brands and manufacturers.

3. Eco Cell

Source: ecocell.com.np.

Eco Cell has revolutionized the way construction materials—especially bricks—are manufactured and used. Conceived several years ago after a massive earthquake devastated Nepal, the startup draws on local resources and manpower to develop sustainable, cost-effective interlocking bricks for housing construction projects.

2. SunFarmer

Source: sunfarmer.org.

SunFarmer’s goal is to bring solar energy where it is needed most—starting with Nepal. The company has already constructed over 200 innovative solar energy installations across the country.

1. HoneyGuide Apps

Source: itunes.apple.com.

One of the most influential travel/tech startups in Kathmandu, HoneyGuide Apps is transforming the travel industry in Nepal; digital offerings such as its latest “Trekking in Nepal” app have gained prominence a relatively short amount of time amongst international travelers and tourists.

From online accounting platforms to cutting-edge VR/AR solutions, these Kathmandu-based tech startups and their digital offerings are poised to go with the best and brightest from Silicon Valley. Be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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