Top 7 Adobe Photoshop Alternatives For Editing Images in the Cloud

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There are literally hundreds of image editing options for cash-strapped photographers, designers, and content creators; however, sometimes all that’s needed is a convenient and easy-to-use solution for making quick changes anytime, at any place.

For these occasions, we present the following top 7 Adobe Photoshop alternatives for editing images in the cloud.

7. Ribbet


There’s nothing that a click can’t fix—especially with Ribbet. The free online photo editor is a simple yet attractive option for those who don’t have the time to make elaborate image edits. The interface may not be the most attractive, but it boasts features geared for both amateurs and professionals. A notable time-saving feature is the photo corrector, allowing for single-click image editing/correcting.

6. Pixlr Express


Pixlr Express is a web app and mobile offering for editing photos online. The desktop version of the tool sports a similar interface as Adobe Photoshop and offers a myriad of professional editing options on its nifty toolbar.

5. Photocat


Photocat is a fun but powerful photo editing tool available as a web app or iOS mobile app. Some notable features include an expansive effects library, collage making capabilities, touch up tools, and more.

4. Canva


Canva’s SaaS-based photo editing platform offers a myriad of drag-and-drop features and professional layouts that make it easy to create compelling designs. The solution is also available exclusively for the iPad.

3. PicMonkey


Simple, fast, and beautifully designed: this sums up PicMonkey’s photo editing app. The tool is perfect for users looking to making simple changes—but also offers a range of classic editing options and an expansive library of filters and effects.

2. Photoshop Express


What better alternative to Adobe Photoshop than… Photoshop Express? This free version of the world’s most popular photo editing software lacks many of the tools and advanced features of its full-blown siblings, but it manages to retain enough to be highly useful on-the-go. The app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

1. Fotor


Fotor’s free photo editing app manages to remain easy-to-use while packing a punch—some advanced features include photo collaging, sophisticated retouching, and a proprietary HDR algorithm for bringing out deeper image colors and detail, among others. The tool is available for iOS/Android devices and on the web.

These 7 Photoshop alternatives will suffice in most use cases, from simple edits like applying a filter to your Facebook profile picture to mission-critical design tasks like business card creation. Be sure to try one out today—in most of these cases, unique and compelling designs are just a free download away.



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