7 Healthcare and Medical Startups from Manchester You Need to Know About in 2017

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From banking and retail to lifestyle and physical fitness, products/service offerings across industries are continuously being digitized to cater to a new generation of online consumers. This is especially prominent in the healthcare and medical fields, where sensor-driven personalized data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data are leveraged in a slew of new healthtech offerings.

Manchester—the birthplace of the first industrial revolution—is playing a pivotal role in launching many of Europe’s most innovative startups, and several of its healthtech startups are worth keeping an eye on. The following are 7 of the city’s best and brightest healthcare and medical startups you need to know about in 2017.

7. eLucid mHealth

Source: elucid-mhealth.com.

ELucid mHealth has developed a mobile solution for medication management that allows doctors to control dosage frequency and amount administered to patients. The solution consists of a Bluetooth-controlled dispenser and accompanying mobile app.

6. Currentbody

Source: currentbody.com.

Currenybody is a popular at-home healthcare and beauty product etailer. The website offers various home treatment products, gadgets, and beauty solutions for a variety of use cases: hair removal, hair regrowth, slimming, anti-aging, facial cleansing, and more.

5. Premaitha

Source: premaitha.com.

Premaitha has developed a non-invasive prenatal screening test for detecting a myriad of genetic abnormalities in unborn babies. The company is also developing other products for cancer screening/monitoring and early disease detection, to name a few.

4. Biorelate

Source: biorelate.com.

Biorelate specializes in creating expertly-curated databases using biomedical knowledge from published literature. The company currently offers three products built on top of its platform: Akiva for exploring molecular pathways, Praxeum for finding experts, and Tracker for follow biomedical concepts.

3. Now Healthcare Group

Source: drnow.com.

Now Healthcare Group is a telehealth startup focused on developing solutions for securely-encrypted, cloud-based medical consultations and specialist procurement/conveyance of pharmaceuticals. The company’s popular mobile apps—Dr. Now and Now GP—link patients to professional NHS doctors across the UK. The company’s solutions are expected to serve over 20 million users by the end of 2017.

2. Smartlife

Source: smartlifeinc.com.

Smartlife develops smart wearable technologies for use in a variety of healthcare and fitness use cases; by using a combination of soft-knitted sensors and associated firmware/apps, it can measure and track data such as ECG, EMG, EOG, EEG, and body temperature. The company’s solutions can used in developing sophisticated wearables like health vests, smart band-aids for wound management, and more.

1. Push Doctor

Source: pushdoctor.co.uk.

Already one of Europe’s largest digital health providers, Push Doctor allows users to receive fast and confidential advice/treatment from a GP in as little as 6 minutes. Best of all, online doctor consultations only cost £20 per session.

In short, these 7 Manchester-based healthcare and medical startups are pushing the envelope when it comes to healthtech innovation, creating digital solutions for improving the health and well-being of local and global citizens. Be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 and beyond.


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