13 Spooky Tech Startups You Need to Be Aware of in 2017

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Halloween is once again upon us—and with so many hauntingly innovative tech startups to select from this year, it was quite a task to select just the lucky 13 for this trick-or-treat bag of tech offerings.

From ghost hunting attachments for the iPhone to 3D-printed customized candy, the following are 13 creepily innovative startups you need to be aware in 2017 and beyond.

13. Nocto

Source: noctoapp.com.

Looking to get your party on this Halloween? Nocto is a leading nightlife party app for finding the right party/event for any occasion. The offering works exclusively in Europe, with extensive coverage of the Netherlands party scene.

12. Magic

Source: getmagic.com.

What’s Halloween without a little magic? Magic is a texting service that aspires to help users get anything and everything—akin to a digital genie in a bottle or 24/7 personal assistant. The solution combines human assistants with software to message users and fulfill their requests.

11. Flir One

Source: flir.com.
Flir One has developed a thermal camera attachment for giving users a visual representation of hot and cold spots, à la The Predator. For intrepid ghost hunters, the solution provides an effective mechanism for  detecting paranormal  activity in the shadows.

10. Magic Candy

Source: magiccandyfactory.com.

Birmingham, U.K.-based Magic Candy specializes in 3D printed customized candies, from dinosaurs and cartoon characters to selfies. The company’s app features hundreds of pre-made shapes and layouts; users can also add their own custom messages, as well as turn their favorite photos into candy.

9. Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector

Source: itunes.apple.com.

Ghost Sensor is arguably the most dummy-proof ghost hunting app on the market. To get a reading, simply monitor the virtual needle—if it shifts to the right, a supernatural presence is detected. Check out the customer reviews on iTunes for some spine-tingling user experiences with the app.

Source: buycostumes.com.

Looking for the perfect costume? BuyCostumes.com is a leading online retailer of costumes, accessories, and decorations for Halloween and any occasion throughout the year. The company features a no-hassle return and exchange policy.

7. DouxMatok

Source: douxmatok.com.

Halloween sweets would be perfect without the added calories and cavities, and Israel-based DouxMatok is developing a sweetener alternative that promises just that. The company’s solution allows food companies to use 40% less sugar in their products without compromising taste/sweetness.

6. UFO 50

Source: 50games.fun.

Who can forget 8-bit Halloween favorites like Castlevania and Ghosts and Goblins? UFO 50 has developed a collection of 50 modern classics for game aficionados with a taste for retro pixel graphics and NES-like gameplay.

Source: hauntworld.com.

HauntWorld is the largest online resource of Halloween events and activities—the portal features a global directory of attractions, discussion board/forum, video library, and more. The website was created by former haunted house operator Larry Kirchner.

4. iEMF+

Source: itunes.apple.com.

IEMF+ is a leading ghost hunting app that detects electromagnetic fields for ghost hunting and performing psychic readings. The solution is available exclusively for the iPhone/iPad.

3. Miraculex

Source: miraculex.com.

Like DouxMatok, San Francisco-based Miraculex is developing an alternative to traditional food sweeteners. Its plant-derived, zero-calorie sweetener was designed to mimic the flavor of the West African “miracle berry.” The company is part of Indi Bio, the world’s largest seed biotech accelerator.

2. MoviePass

Source: moviepass.com.

What’s better than the perfect horror flick on Halloween? How about all the showing you want for the price of a single ticket each month? Founded by an early Netflix executive, MoviePass offers movie fans one showing every day at any theater in the U.S. that accepts debit cards—for only $9.95.

1. Mystical Cupcakes

Source: mysticalcupcakes.com.

Olympia, Washington-based Miss Moffett’s Mystical Cupcakes offers an unparalleled selection of creepy confections; it also boasts one of the most supernatural startup founding stories we’ve heard in a while: the company was named by the founder’s deceased grandmother in her dreams.

In short, be sure to have a festive and safe Halloween—and be sure to keep these startups and their creepily innovative offerings on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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