11 Maritime and Nautical Tech Startups You Need to Know About in 2017

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Over 90% of global trade is carried out over the world’s oceans; suffice to say, maritime and shipping hold a wealth of opportunity for tech startup innovators—especially since these industries have experienced relatively little innovation in past 50-60 years.

But the following 11 tech innovators are set to change all of this. From robotics for at-sea use to online freight shipment exchanges, here are 11 maritime and nautical tech startups you need to know about in 2017.

11. SailRouter B.V

Source: sailrouter.com.

SailRouter has developed a unified platform for reducing the fuel consumption of merchant ships. The solution calculates the optimal route relative to sea state, engine curve, and ship hydrodynamics.

10. Volteo

Source: volteo.com.

Volteo is a developer of change management solutions for the maritime and oil/gas industries. The company also specializes in implementing custom IoT solutions for a variety of industries—transportation, energy, healthcare, retail, and more.

9. Planck Aerosystems

Source: planckaero.com.

Planck Aerosystems develops sophisticated drone intelligence solutions, enabling capabilities such as operation from moving vehicles, automatic detection/identification/tracking of objects on land and water, and more. The company’s Shearwater Drone Systems are able to fly autonomously from moving vehicles and at-sea vessels.

8. Profile

Source: useprofile.com.

Profile is a recruitment and career development platform for maritime and energy professionals. The solution is available for both iOS and Android devices.

7. Marine Robotics

Source: maritimerobotics.com.

As its name implies, Marine Robotics develops robotic solutions for the maritime industry—specifically, indigenous ROVs for carrying out underwater inspection services. Various prominent offshore oil companies are currently using its solutions

6. Parable

Source: parable.nl.

Parable develops VR-based immersive learning solutions for safety training in maritime and other related industry use cases. Check out its project list for a compelling walkthrough of the company’s capabilities.

5. Flexport

Source: flexport.com.

Flexport is a full-service air and ocean freight forwarding platform that provides visibility and control over the entire supply chain. The company has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, American Shipper, Bloomberg Business, Fortune, and more.

4. Freightos

Source: freightos.com.

Freightos has developed an online marketplace that enables shippers to book shipments online, akin to an Expedia for freight shipments. The company has been featured by TechCrunch, ZDNet, and Bloomberg, to name a few.

3. Care4C

Source: care4c.com.

Care4C is a digital platform for monitoring the health and well-being of sea going crews, in order to reduce accidents and maximize performance. The solution monitors cardiac health, energy/stress/activity levels, sleep quality, and more.

2. RadiantFleet

Source: radiantfleet.com.

RadiantFleet’s crew and fleet management platform connects crew managers with partners, ship owners, and crew via a unified platform. The graphical dashboard and planner allow for the visualization of critical operational elements—crew certificates, timelines, crew payroll, budgets, and more—through an easy-to-use interface.

1. VesselBot

Source: YouTube.com/VesselBot.

VesselBot is a digital chartering marketplace that brings together charterers and vessel owners together in the bulk maritime industry. The company’s online ecosystem is set to usher the chartering brokerage industry into the 21st century.

In short, the maritime and shipping industries are in the midst of increasing—and some would say well overdue—digital transformation; be sure to keep these 11 startups on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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