7 Healthcare and Medical Startups from Portugal You Need to Know About in 2017

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With over 500 startups and 70-plus incubators, Portugal’s startup hub is fast becoming one of Europe’s leading tech ecosystems. More than a few of these Portuguese entrepreneurs are making improvements in healthcare and medicine with their digital products and services—only a select few are highlighted below.

From technologies for in-vitro diagnostic testing to wearables for patients with debilitating hand conditions, the following are 7 healthcare and medical tech startups from Portugal you need to know about in 2017.

7. Biomode

Source: biomode-sa.com.

Biomode develops rapid diagnostic kits to detect/identify bacteria responsible for foodborne and clinical pathogens. The company’s technology speeds up the detection of bacteria in blood samples to a couple of hours, as opposed to days.

6. Biosurfit

Source: biosurfit.com.

Biosurfit develops technology to support in-vitro diagnostic testing, which now—thanks to the work of this company—requires only a simple drop of blood and five minutes to get results. The company’s solution makes blood testing a more pleasant, convenient, and comprehensive affair—without losing the lab precision.

5. MedBone

Source: medbone.eu.

MedBone develops Class III medical devices for bone regeneration and synthetic bone graft manufacturing. The company’s products, all of synthetic origin, are for use in orthopedics, dentistry and veterinary industry use cases.

4. Nuada

Source: nuanda.pt.

Nuada aims to improve the quality of life for people with hand disabilities; its smart glove is equipped with sensors for measuring pulling strength, stability while pulling, heart rate, and more. The data can be both sent to a smartphone’s accompanying mobile app or displayed in a small monitor located in the wrist support.

3. PeekMed

Source: peekmed.com.

PeekeMed’s goal is to improve healthcare services with its PeekMed One software package. The solution allows users to import implant templates from different vendors to virtually “try on” 3D scans of patient anatomy, thereby making planning and surgery more efficient.

2. LineHealth

Source: linehealth.com.

PharmAssistant develops solutions to help chronic patients manage their medication—its Leah smart pill dispenser organizes and dispenses the right pills at the right time, ensuring that patients on schedule with their medication as prescribed by physicians. The device features a visual and audible alarm that only turns off after the medicine is taken.

1. SWORD Health

Source: swordhealth.com.

SWORD Health is a startup focused on the field of physical rehabilitation. Its Stroke Wearable Operative Rehabilitation Device (SWORD) provides users with an exercise program delivered through a tablet device. Progress reports are sent via the cloud to a remote physiotherapist, who can then manage/change exercise routines remotely.

Be sure to keep these 7 Portuguese medical and healthcare tech startups on your radar as they change the way we think about health and wellness. And for more exciting projects from this southern European powerhouse of tech innovation, check out our coverage of Portugal’s leading tech startups this year.



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