5 ICOs To Watch: Auctus Project, DMarket, Aigang, Aphelion, socialmedia.market

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Short for initial coin offering, ICOs are fast becoming the preferred fundraising vehicle for innovative tech startups looking to crowdfund projects in lieu of traditional investors.

From platforms for converting virtual items into real assets to advertising platforms, these are upcoming ICOs happening between 12/11/2017 and 18/11/2017—ordered by ICO date.

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Auctus Project

Source: auctus.org.
Planned ICO Date: 14 Nov2017
The Auctus Project brings transparency and compliance to retirement plans through smart contract auditable code. The solution aims to eliminate common problems such as corporate governance issues, corruption, fraud, bribery, and bureaucracy—while lowering operational costs.


Source: dmarket.io.
Planned ICO Date: 14 Nov. 2017
DMarket is developing a decentralized marketplace for turning virtual items into real assets. The startup is looking to tap into the global market economy of 2.3 billion gamers.


Source: aigang.network.
Planned ICO Date: 15 Nov. 2017
Aigang is developing a blockchain-powered DAO insurance protocol that allows communities, companies, and developers to build their own insurance prediction markets and products. The app’s web UI is integrated with the Ethereum wallet Metamask.


Source: aphelion.org.
Planned ICO Date: 15 Nov. 2017
Aphelion is developing a solution for various challenges facing today’s leading centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms, and is gearing up to be one of the first NEO tokens (NEO is a a Chinese Ethereum-like cryptocurrency).


Source: socialmedia.market.
Planned ICO Date: 16 Nov. 2017

Socialmedia.market is developing the first decentralized ecosystem for discovering, creating, and running/analyzing advertising campaigns with social media influencers. The solution aims to deliver reliable and direct interactions between businesses and influencers.

Be sure to keep these ICOs on your radar for 12/11/2017 and 18/11/2017—and be sure to check back again for next week’s ICO updates.



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