ICO Watch: 26 Nov. – 2 Dec. 2017

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Short for initial coin offering, ICOs are fast becoming the preferred fundraising vehicle for innovative tech startups looking to crowdfund projects in lieu of traditional investors.

From grocery ecosystems to blockchain-based social networks, these are upcoming ICOs happening between 26/11/2017 and 2/12/2017, ordered by ICO date.

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Source: canya.io.
Planned ICO Date: 26 Nov. 2017
CanYa is developing a blockchain-based global P2P marketplace for services/service providers. The solution allows users to hire local experts and skilled professionals anywhere in the world.

Jibrel Network

Source: jibrel.network.
Planned ICO Date: 27 Nov. 2017

Jibrel Network provides currencies, equities, commodities and other financial assets/instruments as standard ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The offering features built-in smart regulation capabilities: real-world rules and regulations translated into solidity code and deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.


Source: sola.foundation.
Planned ICO Date: 27 Nov. 2017
Sola is developing a decentralized social network powered by distributed nodes, IPFS and the Ethereum blockchain. The offering allows content creators to spread their posts virally and earn revenue in SOL, the platform’s utility token with a monetary function.

Hyundai Hdac

Source: hdac.io.
Planned ICO Date: 27 Nov. 2017

Backed by Hyundai BS&C, Hdac is a blockchain-based IoT contract and payment platform. The solution enables fast, secure, and effective communications between IoT devices.


Source: caviar.io.
Planned ICO Date: 28 Nov. 2017

Caviar is an investment platform that combines crypto-assets with income-generating short-term loans, backed by U.S. real estate holdings. The offering enables access to a diversified algorithmic-backed basket of real estate and cryptocurrencies.


Source: bankex.com.
Planned ICO Date: 28 Nov. 2017

BANKEX uses blockchain to tokenize various types of assets, allowing for such “Smart Assets” to be traded worldwide in the building of a new generation of decentralized capital markets.


Source: latium.org.
Planned ICO Date: 28 Nov. 2017

Latium is developing a decentralized microtasking platform built on Ethereum. The solution is first (and unique) in incorporating a totally automated rating system coupled with a one-to-many task relationship structure.


Source: wacoin.io.
Planned ICO Date: 28 Nov. 2017

WaBi is a digital token backed by safe products—the company places secure, anti-counterfeiting labels on consumer products to ensure transparency and traceability. WaBi/Walimai-protected products can then be purchased via  single-click automatic payments.


Source: bitclave.com.
Planned ICO Date: 28 Nov. 2017

BitClave is developing a decentralized search engine that allows users to determine who has control over their data, and how it is used. The offering helps accurately find what they’re looking for and get compensated for your data, rendering third-party advertising networks unnecessary.


Source: indahash.com.
Planned ICO Date: 29 Nov. 2017

IndaHash’s mission is to resolve major issues between brands, influencers and audiences by tokenizing the entire influencer industry. The award-winning app connects over 300,000 influencers from 70 markets with global brands.

Mad Network

Source: madnetwork.io.
Planned ICO Date: 30 Nov. 2017

Mad Network is developing a decentralized network for the advertising industry. The programmatic advertising platform consists of a set of decentralized applications that seamlessly connect every stakeholder within the adtech value chain


Source: hellobloom.io.
Planned ICO Date: 30 Nov. 2017

Bloom has developed a blockchain-based, end-to-end protocol for identity attestation, risk assessment, and credit scoring. The solution enables traditional and digital currency lenders to serve the billions of people globally without bank accounts or credit scores.

UT token

Source: uttoken.io.
Planned ICO Date: 30 Nov. 2017

United Traders is an investment/financial services firm with a team of professional traders and software engineers developing unique applications for stock exchange trading. The company’s UT token and platform aims to bring together investor capital, the world’s best and most effective investment products, and promising startups.


Sources: nagaico.com.
Planned ICO Date: 1 Dec. 2017

Naga’s cryptocurrency is designed for gaming/financial trading and features SwipeStox (social trading network) and Switex (virtual goods trading platform). The company also offers Aurora, a multi-market trading platform for traders of all levels and specialization.


Source: envion.org.
Planned ICO Date: 1 Dec. 2017

Envion is a global mining operation that features an off-grid, decentralized blockchain infrastructure for more profitable crypto-mining efforts. The solution aims to eliminate mining challenges caused by energy price spikes, hardware shortages, governmental issues, and stationary fixed locations.



Source: tcash.io.
Planned ICO Date: 2 Dec. 2017

TCASH is an Ethereum-based token offered by EtherFlyer, a decentralized digital currency exchange built on Ethereum. The firm’s trading back-end—designed for cryptocurrency exchanges—features high-speed performance (up to 10000 trades/second) and real-time user/market data notifications.

Be sure to keep these ICOs on your radar for 26/11/2017 and 2/12/2017—and be sure to check back again for next week’s ICO updates.



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