13 Tech Startups From Singapore Not To Be Missed in 2017

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The Singaporean tech startup scene has been experiencing explosive growth as of late—even as we wind down 2017, formidable new contenders are continuing to make waves late into the year.

From interactive video platforms to online solutions for the container haulage industry, the following are 13 tech startups from Singapore not to be missed in 2017 and beyond.

13. Anywhr

Source: anywhr.co.

Anywhr has developed a surprise travel curator for adventurous travelers: users book a trip with an unknown destination online, and only discover their destinations at the airport. All flights and accommodations are pre-arranged, leaving only the suspense of the unknown to the user.

12. Hyku

Source: hyku.com.

Hyku’s interactive video platform allows users to create and watch videos—as well as receive related information, content, and engagements through the company’s unique synced push method. 


Source: ikogen.com.

IKOGEN has developed a subscription-based platform and service for remotely monitoring elderly patients. The solution uses 3G connected smart watches to send the wearer’s data to family members and caregivers in real-time.

10. Haulio

Source: haulio.io.

Haulio has developed a collaborative platform for the container haulage industry. The offering consists of a haulier-to-haulier community portal designed to help optimize resources and improve handling of peaks and troughs.

9. InMobi

Source: inmobi.com.
Source: inmobi.com.

InMobi has developed an advertising and discovery platform that allows developers, merchants, and brands to engage mobile consumers globally. The company was listed among Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies in the World” back in 2016.

8. Garuda Robotics

Source: garuda.io.
Source: garuda.io.

Garuda Robotics is developing a complete enterprise-grade platform for the deployment of aerial robots. The solution consists of hardware and software that dramatically simplifies drone fleet operation, tailor-made to the specific requirements of the client.

7. ShopSpot

Source: play.google.com.
Source: play.google.com.

ShopSpot’s mobile shopping platform streamlines buyer/seller contact and helps online merchants and local brands target products for a specific audience. The offering is akin to an Etsy meets Pinterest for the Thailand and Singapore markets.

6. Haven

Source: haveninc.com.

Haven has developed a private marketplace for ocean freight shipping services, connecting shippers and carriers directly via its online platform. The logistics startup has offices in Singapore, San Francisco, and Switzerland.

5. TradeGecko

Source: tradegecko.com.

TradeGecko has developed a mobile inventory management and accounting solution that enables SMEs to manage their sales and supply chains via a single platform. The offering integrates with leading e-commerce packages such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, among others.

4. Playbasis

Source: playbasis.com.
Source: playbasis.com.

Playbasis is a gaming startup that uses gamification to help businesses increase retention, engagement, and loyalty. The company is based in both Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand.

3. Smove

Source: smove.sg.
Source: smove.sg.

Smove’s car sharing service allows users to hire a driver via the app on short notice on an hourly basis. Users simply tap their EZLINK card to unlock and start driving; vehicles can been dropped off at a nearby location when finished.

2. Arcstone

Source: arcstoneincorporated.com.
Source: arcstoneincorporated.com.

Arcstone’s operations platform harnesses and operationalizes data streams from manufacturing shop floors anywhere in the world. The solution transforms this data into real-time monitoring and control, decision support, and process optimization information for all players involved: the C-suite, supervisors/managers, all the way down to line workers and shop floor personnel.

1. Healint

Source: play.google.com.
Source: play.google.com.

Healint is a digital healthcare analytics startup focused on developing solutions to speed up clinical trials, as well as support patients/doctors during neurology and immunology treatments. The company’s popular Migraine Buddy app helps users manage and track their migraines.

Singapore will continue to be a wellspring of innovative tech ventures in 2018—be sure to keep these 13 startups from the Lion City in your radar as they refine their offerings and expand to new markets.



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