11 Big Data Startups from Chile You Need to Know About in 2017

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When it comes to innovative tech offerings, Chile’s startup ecosystem is second to none—from healthcare and transportation to fintech, a new generation of Chilean entrepreneurs are building products and solutions leveraging the latest advances in computing technology: IoT, AI/ML, and big data, to name a few.

The latter in particular has become a popular area of specialization for Chilean tech innovators. The following are 11 tech startups from Chile building products and services around big data you need to know about in 2017.

11. Operatio

Source: operatio.cl.

Operatio’s cloud platform takes disparate data from different sources (e.g., PoS, the web) and delivers trusted information in a streamlined information. The business intelligence solution captures real-time data for improving on-site business visibility.

10. Spectro

Source: spect.ro.

Spectro is a retail intelligence platform that utilizes small sensors and big data to help malls and retail establishments optimize operations, increase profitability, and improve their overall shopper experience. The solution’s interface/control panel is accessible via mobile device and desktop.

9. Beagle Bioinformatics

Source: beaglebioinformatics.com.

Computing is at the heart of today’s scientific advances, especially with the advent of terabase sequencers and the convergence of big data processing and bioinformatics. Based in Chile and Brazile, Beagle Bioinformatics is a genomics and transcriptomics big data analysis and storage provider.

8. Hydroscada

Source: hydroscada.cl.

Hydroscada has developed a online platform that monitors water network systems and detects savings and optimization opportunities. The solution allows users to manage parameters in real-time through the establishment of thresholds and alarms triggers.

7. Viajala

Source: viajala.cl.

Viajala is a cloud platform that allows users to compare and select the best plane, bus, and accommodation options in 3 easy steps. The offering currently serves Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico and Peru, and is used by over two million travelers each month.

6. Wivo Analytics

Source: wivoanalytics.com.

Wivo Analytics has developed a retail analytics platform that helps to streamline retail operations and inform better decision making. The app integrates data from salespeople, products, stock levels, visit levels, and store transactions into personalized, easy-to-understand dashboards.

5. VERONICA Technologies

Source: veronicacore.com.

VERONICA Technologies’ solution is a video surveillance smart analytics platform powered by big data and AI. The offering enables the identification of objects and events from live security camera feeds.

4. Agronometrics

Source: agronometrics.com.

Agronomics has developed a commercial data management solution for the fresh produce industry. The market intelligence platform collects/standardizes and presents daily the prices and volumes of agricultural commodities from all over the world.

3. Metric Arts

Source: metricarts.com.

Metric Arts is a big data consultancy that focuses its business on three pillars: data integrations, information distribution, and analytical modeling. Some of its customers include Banco de Chile, Telefonica, MetLife, Santander, ScotiaBank, and CapGemini, to name a few.

2. Hitmap

Source: myhitmap.com.

Hitmap’s online platform allows users to view sales estimates for new store or business locations. The tool uses a combination of historical sales and over 5,000 variables to build a profile for each location, helping business owners identify spots that will attract more traffic and better customers.

1. SimpliRoute

Source: simpliroute.com.

SimpliRoute is a cloud-based route planning tool that allows users to manage multiple delivery routes easily and more efficiently. The solution creates optimal routes—trackable in real-time—based on worker load capacity and customer schedules/requirements.

From solutions for trading agricultural commodities to retail analytics platforms, these 11 big data startups from Chile are set to go head-to-head with the best and brightest from Silicon Valley. Be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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