11 Tech Startups from South Africa Not To Be Missed in 2017

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If you’re not in the loop regarding South Africa’s tech startup scene, then you’re missing out—ecosystems in Jo’burg and Cape Town have in recent years produced some of the world’s most innovative tech startups. Much of this has to do with an increase in capital flowing into the continent at large: in 2015, Africa received just shy of $276.5 million in startup funding; last year, that number rose to $366.8 million.

South Africans in particular have a knack for building innovative startup offerings. And with the local job market exploding with tech talent, the region will no doubt continue lead in tech innovation for the foreseeable future. The following are 11 of the best tech startup from South Africa not to be missed in 2017.

11. Pineapple

Source: pineapple.co.za.

Pineapple has developed a fully-functioning, peer-to-peer insurance platform for automotive and household coverage. The company’s decentralized insurance model has been covered by the likes of CNBC Africa, Moneyweb, and Ventureburn, to name a few.

10. Domestly

Source: domestly.com.

Domestly offers users the services of a professionally-trained cleaner, complete with the freedom of choosing cleaning slots and online scheduling—all from a streamlined app. The company has receive numerous citations, including MTN Best Consumer App, Apps Africa Most Disruptive Innovation, and Cape Talk Business of the Year Finalist, among others.

9. Custos Media Technologies

Source: facebook.com/custostech.

Custos Media Technologies is attacking the global problem of online piracy head-on with its blockchain-based solution. The company’s software and watermarking technology provides information such as when content was leaked and by whom.

8. Delvv.io

Source: delvv.io.

Delvv.io has developed a crowdsourcing platform that allows companies and agents to gather feedback about their products. The company was recently announced the winner of IIeX2017 EU.

7. LifeQ

Source: lifeq.com.

Optimal, healthy living has never been a more attainable goal than now, especially with offerings from companies like LifeQ. The startup provides tailored health and risk management solutions for people from all walks of life.

6. M4JAM

Source: m4jam.com.

For many South Africans, unemployment is an unfortunate daily reality; M4JAM strives to bring a change in unemployment rates with its micro-jobbing platform—the solution connects brands to its on-demand workforce via mobile device.

5. Flexy

Source: flexyskills.com.

Flexy is a platform that makes finding and screening freelancers and independent professionals a trivial affair. Customers purchase services from a curated network of independent contractors, freelancers, public speakers, design thinkers, and consultants with a myriad of skill sets.

4. The Sun Exchange

Source: thesunexchange.com.

Integrating eco-friendly living with revenue generation is a winning combination and The Sun Exchange embodies this ideal. The startup aims to help anyone go solar while allowing investors make money from installations.

3. Zoona

Source: ilovezoona.com.

Zoona launched to help bank the unbankable and assist those with no access to banking facilities or financial establishments. After raising millions in funding this company has big plan that should not be missed in 2017.

2. Kalido

Source: kalido.me.

Kalido is a trust-driven global services app that features a proprietary matching engine for connecting users to exchange services, colleagues and classmates, nearby friends, and more. The offering is available for both iOS and Android devices.

1. OfferZen

Source: offerzen.com.

OfferZen’s tech jobs platform allows candidates to reach over 550 companies at once and features personalized Talent Advisors that assist throughout the entire job search and hiring process. The service is currently available in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Winelands.

South Africa is increasingly recognized as the home of various global tech startup brands—and with such a rich diversity of people it comes as no surprise. Be sure to keep these 11 tech startups on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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