12 Tech Startups You Need to Know About This 2017 Holiday Season

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Though it may be cold and dark outside this holiday season, there’s still yet cause to celebrate, eat and drink, visit family and friends, and exchange presents; after all, it’s all about showing appreciation and becoming a better person for the new year—and the following 12 tech startups make it easier to do both.

From digital platforms promoting mental wellness to applications notifying users of nearby 911 emergencies, here are 12 startups you need to know about this 2017 holiday season.

12. Headspace

Source: itunes.apple.com.

What better way to end a stressful year than a meditation app designed to relieve tension and reduce stress? Headspace provides guided mindfulness training and meditation sessions. Meditation is an amazing way to reduce stress, improve concentration and cultivate compassion—just 10 minutes a day can lead to healthier and happier living.

11. Healthi Habits

Source: healthihabits.com.

After indulging over the holidays, it’s back to the grind for most people. Good physical health is of course key to happier living—to this end, Healthi Habits enables users to make sustainable behavioral changes for a healthier lifestyle. The digital people-to-people platform is built on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and behavioral economics that seeks to connect everyone to the world’s healthiest behaviors.

10. The Bouqs Company

Source: bouqs.com.

Flowers are a staple of the holidays—and Bouqs is an ideal option for ordering them online. This California-based online florist aims to bring back the romance and delight of giving and exchanging flowers. And with direct partnerships with farms in South America and California, the startup is able to operate using a direct supply chain and flat pricing model.


Source: itunes.apple.com.

After feasting over the holiday season, many will take to running as a way to burn off the extra pounds and injury themselves in the process. SHFT IQ is the world’s first virtual running coach—the solution consists of a wearable pod and accompanying mobile app that helps users run better, faster, and safer.

8. Nutrifix

Source: nutrifix.co.

Want to eat healthy but don’t have time for meal preparation? Fret not, this nutrition app will help you bid your unhealthy eating habits goodbye. Nutrifix is another offering for getting in shape after the holidays, delivering personalized meal suggestions based on location and heath goals. Users just key in their height, weight, age, activity levels, and health goals, and the app does the rest.

7. VAULT29

Source: vault29.com.

Wine aficionados will agree that nothing beats a fine glass with friends and family over the holidays. VAULT29 aims to enhance this experience with its mobile app—the solution connects winemakers, drinkers, buyers and sellers, allowing them to interact and share their experiences/suggestions.


Source: kompasapp.com.

For many, the holidays are a season for traveling. KOMPAS is an AI-driven travel app that uses ML and cognitive algorithms to provide travel recommendations based on individual preferences, interests, budget, and amount of free time available.

5. Lingvist

Source: lingvist.com.

And depending on where you travel this holiday season, learning a new language might be required. Lingvist is an app that uses a scientific approach to language learning: algorithms track learning progress and modify the experience to match levels and capabilities in real time.

4. Layer

Source: layer.com.

World peace may still be a ways off, but globalisation has certainly made it easier for us to interact and befriend people from around the world. Layer helps to break down language barriers by making communication easier and more natural.

3. Monzo

Source: monzo.com.

Has holiday spending drained your bank accounts? Monzo’s online and mobile-only bank (available only in the U.K.) offers an alternative to traditional banking and features a nifty auto-budgeting feature.

2. Earny

Source: earny.co.

A common frustration amongst holiday shoppers is seeing price drops happen right after purchases are made. Earny provides refunds automatically should price drops happen, ensuring that users never overpay for anything again.

1. Citizen

Source: citizen.com.

Safety should always be a main concern during the holidays. Citizen provides instant alerts of nearby 911 emergencies, allowing holiday revelers to stay informed and safe while partying. The offering is currently available for New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Be sure to keep an eye on these 12 companies as they gear up for another new year of tech startup innovation—and have a safe and merry holiday season from all of us here at Techflier!



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