13 Tech Startups from Düsseldorf Not To Be Missed in 2017

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Düsseldorf has much to offer besides Kraftwerk and boundary-pushing architecture. The city is a European fashion hub and advertising center, as well as home to Metro Group (listed among the Fortune Global 500) and one of Germany’s major stock exchanges, not to mention the headquarters for such companies as L’Oréal, Peek & Cloppenburg, and BBDO Group.

Along with the presence of large enterprises, new business ventures across a wide spectrum of fields can be found in Düsseldorf; this spirit of innovation and creativity are embodied in the following 13 tech startups that call this metropolis in western Germany home.

13. Vat4U

Source: vat4u.com.

Navigating through various tax systems can be challenging for independent business owners, even when it comes to inter-EU trade. Vat4U helps business owners navigate through country-specific value-added tax (VAT) regulations, allowing them to track expenses wherever they go and determine whether they are eligible for a refund or not.

12. Kesselheld

Source: kesselheld.de.

Kesselheld is an online platform that connects heating brand manufacturers, local heating engineers, costumer consultants, and costumers. Users have a variety of resources at their disposal for selecting the right heating system: detailed information on a range of heating systems/products, personalized online counseling, to name a few. Moreover, Kesselheld connects users with local heating engineers, making the process of setting up and maintaining a heating system as smooth as possible.

11. Charmed

Source: charmed.by.

Tired of Tinder? Charmed is an alternative for the jaded dating app user that merges virtual dating with the real world. Users register online and get a personal card set made of high-quality plastic cards imprinted with a unique code. Potential dating partners can be passed a card and have the opportunity—if they so choose—to connect online.

10. Petfindu

Source: petfindu.com.

Petfindu has developed a novel solution to a typical problem faced by all pet owners: losing track of their furry friends. The solution is a collar tag with a QR code that can be scanned by any smartphone—all important information is uploaded onto this tag; if the pet is lost, the finder can easily scan it to access all relevant information, including the contact details of the owner. Furthermore, by joining the online Petfindu community, users can access an online alarm system that notifies nearby shelters and other Petfindu users once a pet is reported missing.

9. Easly

Source: easly.de.

Easly has developed a browser extension that functions as a handy online shopping aid. The solution automatically compares selected products in other online stores and alerts the user if there are cheaper options available. Moreover, its price prediction module—based on machine learning (ML) algorithms—enable customers to keep a vigilant watch for sales and discounts.

8. Aspirantic

Source: aspirantic.com.

Aspirantic is a tech talent database that allows users to search across 20 million software engineers and designers on platforms like Github, Stackoverflow, Meetup, or Behance. Hiring managers receive aggregated profiles with information about skills, projects, social media profiles, job histories, and more.

7. Wunderdoc

Source: wunderdoc.com.

Wunderdoc aims to make medical tourism in Germany more navigable for international patients by directly connecting them with German clinics via its online platform. The platform allows patients to connect with clinics to discuss diagnoses, possible treatment options, and estimated costs.

6. Freightpilot

Source: freightpilot.de.

Freightpilot is a last mile logistics company that focuses on making B2b shipping faster and more efficient. The company’s solution uses AI and proprietary algorithms to gather wholesale dispatch data within specific regions, enabling clients to receive wholesale orders from multiple wholesale companies via one truck delivery, reducing inner city traffic and saving transportation costs.

5. iHealtho

Source: itunes.apple.com.

iHealtho develops AI-based solutions that provide users with personalized healthcare advice. Its latest and most popular app is the Smart Blood Pressure App—an AI-powered blood pressure monitor that tracks blood pressure levels, discovers user-specific patterns, and allows physicians to access this data remotely.

4. Helpsy

Source: helpsy.de.

Helpsy  is an online portal that connects verified mental health professionals (e.g., psychologists, psychotherapists, and coaches) with those seeking advice about mental health and lifestyle choices. The solution is accessible via desktop or smartphone and features encrypted therapist-user sessions for ensuring privacy.

3. Jommi

Source: jommi.de.

Jommi is a developer of digital lifestyle management solutions. Its Bread Units Calculator helps diabetes patients monitor and manage their daily carbohydrate intake and nutrition consumption. The app was awarded a seal of approval by the German Diabetes Association (DDG) in 2017.

2. Trusted References

Source: trustedreferences.de.

Trusted References is an online reference management platform that compiles testimonies and endorsements from clients of various service providers for prospective consumers to review. Testimonials are verified in order to provide authentic feedback on services providers.

1. Helpcheck

Source: helpcheck.de.

Helpcheck is a legal tech company that aims to help consumers gain equal footing with the insurance companies. The company provides a comprehensive suite of insurance services online, from insurance contract evaluations and claims filing advice/legal counseling to termination of contracts.

Düsseldorf startups are leading the charge when it comes to developing innovative solutions for managing everyday interactions, whether it be health and lifestyle management, legal and tax consulting, online shopping, or the (German) dating scene. Be sure to track these companies in 2018 as they refine their offerings and expand into other markets.



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