11 AI Tech Startups from Hong Kong You Need to Know About in 2018

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Hong Kong’s network of startups is one of the most innovative tech ecosystems on the planet—in fact, many of the world’s most innovative fintech and logistics startups call the city home. But it’s not all banking/finance and e-fulfillment—a handful of local startups are taking the artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) arena by storm.

From AI-powered virtual assistants for education to deep learning medical image analysis platforms, the following are the top 11 AI tech startups based in Hong Kong you need to know about in 2018 and beyond.

11. Set Sail Software (Chatbot.com.hk)

Source: chatbot.com.hk.

Set Sail Software has developed an AI-based platform that allows users to create their own conversational robots. The solution enables leading brands to develop a personal, intelligent assistant for interacting with customers.

10. Intralogue_Lexica

Source: lexica.io.

Intralogue/Lexica has developed a virtual assistant creator that allows users to create AI-powered bots for helping customers in a variety of industries. The offering features an advanced dialogue system and a streamlined administration system.

9. Emotics

Source: emotics.co.

Emotics’ solution provides online compliance training in heavily regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and oil/gas, to name a few. The solution uses webcam data and machine learning to provide objective, data-driven insights into employee engagement.

8. aniWEAR

Source: aniwear.io.

aniWEAR has developed a proprietary, AI-powered bio-sensing technology that powers its offering. The solution aims to break the communication and location barrier between pets and their owners.

7. Health Addiction / SmartRetail

Source: smartretail.asia.
Health Addiction / SmartRetail is a developer of IoT-automated retail solutions. The company offers smart vending machines for rent and purchase.

6. Fund3

Source: fund3.co.

Fund3’s platform applies high-frequency ML algorithms to cryptocurrency trading. The company’s mission is to use modern ML to capitalize on the volatility of cryptocurrency markets.

5. Imsight Medical Technology Company

Source: imsightmed.com.

Imsight develops deep learning-powered medical image analysis solutions. The company’s goal is to leverage AI in advancing and pioneering research in the medical industry.

4. Clare.ai

Source: clare.ai.

Clare.ai has developed a white-label chatbot for use by banking and finance customer service departments. The company uses training models created with real data from the financial industry to develop AI digital assistants familiar with customers and their needs.

3. SenseTime

Source: sensetime.com.

SenseTime is a leading developer of AI-powered solutions for intelligent video analytics and identity verification use cases, among others. The company boasts an impressive lineup of strategic partners and customers: Qualcomm, Honda, Huawei, Baidu, Fidelity, and Nvidia, to name a few.

2. Fano Labs

Source: fano.ai.

Fano Labs develops speech recognition and natural language processing (NLP) technologies for use in call centers. The company is the first Hong Kong startup backed by Horizons Venture, the private investment arm of Li Ka-Shing.

1. Clickful

Source: clickfulapp.com.

Clickful has developed an intelligent, end-to-end advertising platform for businesses in Asia. The solution uses AI and ML to enable customers to more effectively advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

Silicon Valley AI startups may be stealing the show in terms of tech media headlines, but these Hong Kong innovators are putting the city on the map when it comes to creative AI/ML solutions applied to various industries. Be sure to keep these 11 Hong Kong AI tech startups on your radar in 2018 and beyond.



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