13 Tech Startups from Cleveland You Need to Know About in 2018

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When it comes to great American tech startup hubs, Cleveland isn’t likely to be the first town that comes to mind; this is changing rapidly, however, as a growing number of local ventures are making rapid advances towards becoming leaders in their respective industries.

Here are 13 future tech trailblazers from the Rock and Roll Capital of the World you need to know about in 2018 and beyond.

13. MacroPoint

Source: macropoint.com.

MacroPoint has developed a global freight visibility platform for shippers, brokers and 3PLs. The freight management solution helps companies track cargo across privately-owned and third-party road and rail transportation networks, among others.

12. Wisr

Source: getwisr.com.

Wisr has developed a platform and app that enables alumni and students to stay connected. The company currently partners with the University of Chicago, Case Western Reserve University, Denison, Oberlin and Cedarville University, among others.

11. Komae

Source: mykomae.com.
Komae’s app—the brain child of two stay at-home moms Audrey Wallace and Amy Husted—allows parents to receive crowdsourced babysitting services free of charge from their personal network of friends. Users earn Komae points that enable them to redeem/exchange services.

10. Micro Fantasy

Source: microfantasy.com.

Micro Fantasy is a fantasy sports app that allows sports enthusiasts to predict upcoming plays/actions, transforming the smartphone into an engaging, immersive fantasy sports experience. Founder Joel Crites thought of the app while at a Cleveland Indian’s game as a way engage his young son in the game.

9. Complion

Source: complion.com.

Complion is a graduate of the Flashstarts business accelerator in Downtown Cleveland. The company’s cloud-based eRegulatory platform improves efficiency, compliance, and transparency for research sites and sponsors.

8. InTouch

Source: intouchapplication.com.

InTouch has developed a platform that enables businesses to better understand users by leveraging smartphone apps that employ proximity sensors. The company’s solutions power a myriad of use case environments, from smart cities to conferences and trade shows.

7. 2strand

Source: 2strand.com.

2strand’s platform allows researchers to create competitions for data scientists to solve research questions in genomics. The startup’s goal is to create an integrated genomic analysis platform and professional community to aid in life sciences discoveries/cures.

6. 7signal

Source: 7signal.com.

7signal develops cloud-based wi-fi performance management software currently in use by enterprises across the globe. The company’s discrete, continuous wi-fi monitoring solution measures end-user wi-fi experience on every device, in every location—all the time.

5. Remesh

Source: remesh.ai.

Remesh started as a social app developer but has since grown into a full-on artificial intelligence (AI) company. The company specializes in merging AI with market research to help companies acquire actionable feedback from their clientele.

4. LineStream Technologies

Source: linestream.com.

LineStream Technologies began as Cleveland State University (CSU) spinoff utilizing CSU professor Zhigiang Gao’s patented technology. The company has since become a global leader in control technologies for reducing energy consumption in industrial and motor-controlled products.

3. BuyerQuest

Source: buyerquest.com.

BuyerQuest has developed an ecommerce platform for all business needs—from eProcurement to a one-stop marketplace for all goods and services. Some of its customers include McDonald’s, Saudi Aramco, and Stanford University, to name a few.

2. Data Genomix

Source: datagenomix.com.
Data Genomix develops marketing technologies that bring bleeding edge targeting, analytics, and machine learning to industries such as political advertising and online recruiting. Some of its products include voter targeting solution Topplr and Anglr, a social recruiting platform.

1. OnShift

Source: onshift.com.

OnShift develops cloud and mobile apps for helping healthcare professionals stay organized and productive. Its suite of award-winning workforce management solutions was purpose-built for the long-term care and senior living workforce.

As you can see, the Great Lakes City known for LeBron and the Rock Hall also boasts a formidable tech startup ecosystem. Be sure to keep these 13 tech startups on your radar in 2018 and beyond.



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