11 Tech Startups from Botswana You Need to Know About in 2018

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Despite being known mostly for its diamonds and bustling tourism industry, Botswana is in the midst of a transformation: an array of tech startups have begun to emerge as a result of the country’s young professionals’ efforts to combat high rates of unemployment with entrepreneurship—specifically, by developing their own digital offerings.

Botswana’s tech startups are developing a myriad of digital products and services to power financial services, recruitment, advertising, ehealth, agritech, and health advisory services—here are 11 to keep on your radar in 2018 and beyond.

11. Evince Development

Source: spachee.com.

Evince Development provides software consulting and full-stack software development services. The company specializes in Magento development and offers a solution custom-tailored for the jewelry/precious metals industry: the plugin can fetch data around 1,586,116 diamonds and display them accurately on a Magento storefront.

10. Medmall Africa

Source: facebook.com/medmallafrica.

Medmall Africa’s goal is to improve the African medical landscape and make healthcare more accessible on the continent. The company’s mobile and web-based platform enables patients to find doctors and healthcare specialists in their country and Africa at large.

9. Bw Business Finder

Source: facebook.com/bwcompanyfinder.

Bw Business Finder is a mobile directory that allows users to discover, inquire, and interact with different businesses in and around Botswana. The app is available for both Android and Windows mobile devices.

8. Instantly Organic

Source: drive.google.com/file/d/0B0nJBUn-HKOXeXlsR0JmUjA3Zjg.

Instantly Organic is a developer of the sump: a chamber fed by gravity from the bottom of a circulation system into which a fluid drains before recirculation or in which wastes gather before disposal. The solution has various benefits for fisheries/aquaponics, including water filtration, aeration, and circulation for better fish health.

7. Indie Studios Africa

Source: facebook.com/pg/indiestudiosafrica.

Indie Studios Africa mission is to solve social challenges with tech-based social initiatives. The company is the developer of Kgolagano—a mobile and social network aimed at promoting the beauty and grandeur of Botswana.

6. Plaas

Source: plaas.africa.

Plaas’ web and mobile app allows individual farmers and co-operatives to manage their daily farming production and stocks using various blockchain technologies. The technology enables animal tracking and origin tracing  and captures information in real-time using animal radio frequency identification.

5. Rentzzz

Source: rentzzz.com.

Rentzzz is a web and mobile-based rental platform that connects renters to users looking for items to use on a rental basis: equipment/machinery, cars, halls, and more. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

4. Jobcard

Source: jobcard.herokuapp.com.

Jobcard is an online recruitment platform that connects employers to qualified job seekers. Users can sign up to receive job alerts and helpful employment-related content straight to their inboxes.

3. MyFoodness

Source: myfoodness.co.bw.

MyFoodness is a food ordering and delivery platform for Botswana—users can order food from any restaurant of their choice and have it delivered to their doorstep. The solution enables merchants (i.e., restaurants) to get online and reach more customers and offers pre-paid cashless transactions for better security.

2. Adams Database

Source: adams.co.bw.

Adams Database is an online asset data recovery service provider—the company’s technology enables asset recovery of stolen goods. Assets covered include microwaves, laptops, mobile phones, televisions, and other various electronics. The service is available for individual and corporate clients.


Source: yapili.com.

YAPILI has developed a health and wellness app that connects doctors to patients. The solution provides free advice for non-urgent health-related questions.

Botswana is fast becoming a prominent player on the world stage when it comes to expanding Africa’s footprint in the global tech arena. Be sure to keep an eye on these companies in 2018 and beyond.



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