Top 12 Tech Startups for Helping to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2018

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The start of the new year is an annual opportunity for self-improvement—a time for looking back at past failures and feeling irrationally optimistic that the coming year will be different and better. As such, we resolve to making resolutions because we feel like we’ve been given a second chance to start anew.

But sticking to goals is incredibly hard, and many end up breaking their resolutions just weeks of making them. These 12 tech startups have developed digital products and services for helping users stay on top of their goals throughout the year.

12. QualityTime


Smartphones can either hinder or boost productivity; to promote the latter, many have pledged to reduce idle minutes spent scrolling through Facebook or posting selfies on Instagram. QualityTime is an Android solution that monitors app usage in real-time and features a “nanny mode” that blocks certain apps to control usage, as well as a “take a break” option to go on a self-imposed digital diet.

11. Todoist


Todoist can help keep those resolutions in order, allowing for the tracking of everything in one place—on any device, online or off. The app currently helps over 13 million people feel more in control of their lives.

10. Finom


Most at some point have pledged to manage their personal finances better. But being smart about money goes beyond optimal spend management, to include financial investing—a historically-proven method to outpace inflation and improve material prosperity. Finom uses blockchain to provide trustworthy and convenient financial services to novice investors. Users can connect with/hire the right investment advisers based on their unique profile and preferences.

9. MasterClass


Looking to improve your tennis swing or free throw accuracy rate this year? Let Serena Williams or Stephen Curry show you how via MasterClass, an e-learning platform that offers guidance from the world’s top masters.

8. LazyJar


Keeping fit is both a popular new year’s resolution and one of the hardest to stick to. LazyJar’s third-party Fitbit app uses negative reinforcement to develop discipline for achieving fitness goals: upon signing up, users make a weekly activity commitment and decide on a penalty to be paid for any week they fail to meet fitness goals. 80% of the penalty price is donated to childhood cancer research.

7. Nutrino


Diet is as important as exercise when it comes to ticking off fitness checklist items. Nutrino’s virtual nutritionist uses proprietary algorithms for determining the best foods for a user as an individual. Personalised food plans are developed based on a user’s specific health goals, dietary needs, medical profile, tastes/lifestyle, and more.

6. HidrateMe


Staying hidrated is key to shedding extra pounds; to this end, HidrateMe connects the water bottle to an app on the smartphone. In-built sensors track real-time water intake, informing users how much they should be drinking each day based on their unique profile. The bottle even glows when it senses that the user has not been drinking in a sustained period of time!

5. DoneGood


For those who have making the world a better place on their list of resolutions, DoneGood’s browser extension might be of interest. The tool alerts users when an ethical and/or sustainable company’s e-commerce website is being visited.

4. TheSkimm


Looking to stay abreast of current events in 2018? TheSkimm offers a web app and daily newsletter filled with custom-curated content: important news, commentary on world politics, entertainment/arts updates, and more.

3. NightSwapping


Many pledge to travel more as a way to broaden their horizons. NightSwapping allows them to do so on a tight budget: members host travelers and earn Nights credits that can be used to stay at another member’s place for free later on. No money is involved.

2. Glassdoor


If you’ve been stuck in an unsavory job position for a while, 2018 is the time to change that. Glassdoor offers more than just the latest job listings—the website allows users to check out company reviews, salaries/benefits, photos, and more. The company’s “Know Your Worth” tool calculates users’ current market value and looks up the average wages they should be getting.

1. Happn


Finding the right romantic connection is a top new year’s resolution favorite—and for many, Happn’s dating app is the way to achieve this end in 2018. The offering allows users to discover strangers they’ve crossed paths with and would like to get in touch with.

With the help of these digital products and services, managing new year’s resolutions has never been easier—whether you’re learning a new skill or aspire to be more physically fit. Be sure to check out these 11 tech startups and their offerings for staying on top of your goals in 2018.


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