13 Tech Startups from Budapest You Need to Know About in 2018

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Budapest is home to nearly one third of Hungary’s population and among the most populated cities in the European Union. And with the country’s 1989 re-integration into Western capitalism, the historical capital city is now among the most relevant economies within Central/Eastern European and home to the region’s second largest stock exchange.

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Such a dynamic backdrop makes for an exciting, multifaceted startup scene like no other in the world. Here are 13 of Budapest’s most exciting startups you need to be aware of in 2018.

13. Shoka

Source: shoka.io.

Despite playing host to a major bicycle subculture, Budapest has yet to develop a reliable, safe infrastructure for bicyclists. Shoka is addressing this issue with its device and accompanying app—as a standalone bell, it features eight sounds specifically designed to warn cars, pedestrians, other cyclists. Other notable features include the ability to record custom bell sounds, automatic sound adjustment based on surrounding noise levels, motion sensing/monitoring and alerts, and more.

12. Shotbrander

Source: shotbrander.com.

Shotbrander’s video customization platform allows users to created branded videos in minutes online—no video editing software required. The offering is akin to a Shutterstock for visual effects.

11. Doklist

Source: doklist.com.

Doklist’s platform connects patients to qualified medical professionals based on their preferred in-country location. Users can compare medical service prices and give/read reviews about physicians and caregivers. Patients and medical service providers can also schedule appointments using the platform.

10. Enbrite.ly

Source: enbrite.ly.

Enbrite.ly aims to help companies reach their target audiences while at the same time making online advertising more transparent. Its software is capable of distinguishing between human and bot traffic based on click and impression data.

9. Ususty

Source: ususty.com.

Ususty develops sustainable waste management solutions for incentivizing recycling efforts. Its sensor-based device was designed to be installed in waste bins; known recyclers are identified and rewarded for their efforts via a point-based cryptocurrency reward system.

8. PublishDrive

Source: publishdrive.com.

PublishDrive has developed a cloud-based solution for ebook authors to market and sell their digital titles online. Users upload their ebooks in ePub format, set up/manage distribution, and track real-time sales data. Sales reports and royalties can also be tracked from within the platform.

7. Markmyprofessor

Source: markmyprofessor.com.

Selecting the best instructor for college courses can be a challenge—Markmyprofessor addresses this issue for Hungarian college and university students with its database of verified professors, college instructors, and institutions. Registered users can give feedback on courses, instructor’s teaching method/style, grading, and overall atmosphere of the classes. Users can also rate learning institutions to help fellow students make informed decisions when selecting schools.

6. Opp.io

Source: opp.io.

Opp.io is an online note manager that helps professionals manage meeting memos, track discussions, and follow-up after meetings. Users can create tasks while writing meeting memos, distribute to other users, and track the progress of assignments and goals.

5. Lumio

Source: lumioapp.com.

Lumio offers an interesting alternative for curating/managing online content, whether preparing for an examination, researching a specific topic, or just planning a holiday. The solution allows users to highlight and save text, capture images or videos from any website, and automatically collect them onto a single platform—complete with source information.

4. Risingstack

Source: risingstack.com.

Risingstack provides Node.js-related development, consulting, and training—as well as an expansive library of Node.js materials. The company includes prominent enterprises like Lufthansa and Cisco on its client list.

3. Bitrise

Source: bitrise.io.

Bitrise’s mission is to automate web development tasks, from the creation and testing of websites to updates and maintenance, all through one platform. The company recently received an investment from Helsinki-based holding company OpenOcean.

2. Shapr3D

Source: shapr3d.com.

Shapr3D was recently featured on the Apple website and has quickly become one of Hungary’s most promising and relevant startups. The company’s easy-to-use 3D modeling application—for use with the iPad Pro and pen—allows designers to create 3D models that are easily brought to life via 3D printers.

1. Analogy

Source: analogy.co.

Analogy has developed an AI-driven platform that processes a company’s data into meaningful insights while discovering patterns and connections. These results can then be used to create knowledgebases, FAQ databases, and other cross-departmental knowledge sharing and collaboration tools.

This broad spectrum of startups is just a sampling of the wide array of tech ventures emerging from the Budapest startup ecosystem. Which one of these will be able to reproduce local startup Prezi’s success story? Only time will tell—so be sure to keep these 13 innovators on your radar in 2018 and beyond.



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